A podcast episode sponsored by YUV

The most game-changing addition to the salon since the hairdryer, introducing YUV.

Big claim, eh?

Well in this latest episode of our brand new four part collaborative podcast series with YUV, I’m excited to be invited to discuss a revolutionary new colour system for the hair industry thats never been seen before.

I’m to be joined by Marketing Manager for YUV, Rachel Lee, and Zoey Olechnowicz who serves as Senior Colour Educator at YUV, where we’ll be exploring what YUV is and what it can offer salons and freelancers, including how the YUV colour lab can dispense millions of colour shade tones and how it looks and works. We’ll also discuss the range of colours that YUV can create, and why the hair industry needs a system like YUV.

One of the most exciting aspects of YUV is its sustainable closed loop system, which we’ll delve into and explain how it works. We’ll also explore how many colour canisters a salon needs to hold using yuv and the colour ingredients used in YUV.

We’ll also dive into the performance of the products, and how YUV eliminates the need for shade charts by allowing you to create your own custom colour shade palettes.

Another key benefit of YUV is its ability to remove colour wastage, and we’ll hear from Rachel and Zoey on how this will be achieved. And what about the cost of YUV and what you get for your investment? We cover that, too!

This is a big listen! Enjoy!



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Thank you for Rachel Lee & Zoey Olechnowicz for joining me on todays podcast in collaboration with yuv®.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.




Today’s Guest

Rachel Lee
Rachel is the Marketing Manager for YUV and has worked extensively in the professional hair colour industry,

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Rachel Lee and Zoey

  • 04 min 55 sec: What is YUV. and what it offers salons and freelancers.
  • 06 min 18 sec: How the YUV colour lab dispenses millions of colour shade tones.
  • 09 min 25 sec: How the YUV colour lab looks and works.
  • 11 min 39 sec: What range of colours can YUV create.
  • 12 min 37 sec: Why does the hair industry need YUV.
  • 15 min 08 sec: A sustainable closed loop system, how does this work.
  • 18 min 38 sec: How many colour canisters does a salon need to hold using YUV.
  • 24 min 48 sec: The colouring ingredients in YUV.
  • 26 min 34 sec: The performance of the product and the cream bleach.
  • 27 min 49 sec: No more shade charts, how you can create your own custom colour shade palettes.
  • 30 min 39 sec: Francisco, the creator of YUV.
  • 33 min 42 sec: Creating a YUV community and empowering freelancers too.
  • 35 min 11 sec: Removing colour wastage.
  • 36 min 27 sec: How much will YUV cost and what do you get.
  • 41 min 34 sec: The official launch of YUV.
  • 43 min 49 sec: Final thoughts on YUV.