What does it take to become a successful YouTube hairdresser? Well this is what we are to learn about in todays episode as we are joined by the UK’s leading YouTube hairdresser, James Atkinson (aka The Life of Hair).

Currently with 30K subscribers and over one million downloads, it’s fair to say James knows a thing or two when it comes to finding success on YouTube. And today he’s going to share that journey with us all. I’m sure it will motivate you to why you need to be creating great video content on YouTube, too.

Tired and frustrated of going the traditional route of entering industry awards and competitions to grow his hairdressing profile, James instead turned his attentions to becoming a content video creator. How this has paid off for him! It was after hearing my interview with another successful UK YouTube hairdresser, Austin Thomson, sparked the moment for James to take his first tentative steps into becoming a video creator.

In our conversation today he will be explaining how he went from creating video content for Instagram to YouTube, and in doing so, helped him go on to be an educator across Europe plus adding financial freedom to his hairdressing career. Sounds good?

With YouTube dominating the long-form video content, it was the platform James saw best to demonstrate his teaching skills. But don’t think it’s for everyone as James says, “You can’t turn up to YouTube without no teaching skills. For me YouTube is an extension of what I’ve learned.”

With this in mind you need to understand why you want to be a YouTube hairdresser, what you will be sharing in your videos and what are your skills best suited too. Not sure, then fear not. This is something James will be helping you with today. Lets get stuck in!


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Thank you to James Atkinson for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.

Today’s Guest

James is also an Art Director, and a Redken Certified Colourist where his love of passing on his knowledge was a major influence in James being selected to become a Redken Artist. This has given him the opportunity to create courses as well as be an educator across Europe.

With a great interest in design, science and videography James draws on these passions for creative inspiration in his work.

Having been a stylist and colourist for over 16 years he has worked at several of London’s leading salons throughout his early career.

Now living a quieter life in Brighton (on the south coast of England) he run his own educational business and full time salon stylist. James’s passion for cutting and colouring really shows in his work and his giftedness in teaching online. Even with a very busy work schedule he still has the energy to be a dad to 3 young boys.


Show notes:

Heres some of what cover into todays interview with James 

  • 00 min 00 sec: Show intro.
  • 06 min 29 sec: James’s rise on YouTube.
  • 10 min 30 sec: The achieving, competitiveness and epiphany of James.
  • 17 min 01 sec: Why am I doing this?
  • 20 min 14 sec: James journey to a Redken Artist and Staff educator.
  • 28 min 51 sec: Why James went into YouTube.
  • 35 min 12 sec: How YouTube has changed James’s life.
  • 39 min 05 sec: Why YouTube for your long format videos.
  • 45 min 38 sec: Know your story and just do it.
  • 49 min 44 sec: Find James online.
  • 52 min 17 sec: Show outro.