I’m really excited to be sharing with you the very first episode of our 3 part series: #AskForWella Podcast. A specially promoted series, we’ll be getting inside the minds of Wella Professionals Leading Colour Experts, sharing their top tips, hair hacks and future visions to help you smash-it in todays competitive hair colouring world.

Kicking off the series, I’m thrilled to have joining us today the UK’s Consumer Colour Trends Expert linked to Wella Professionals, Zoe Irwin. We’re going to be discussing with Zoe the UK Colour Trends, and learning how to understand these so that you can adapt them to both your clients and salon business. Zoe prides herself on spotting youth trends first, and she’s about to share this privileged information with us all today… GET IN!!!

You’re going to hear first-hand from Zoe on the story from where the Wella Professionals Amber Slate, Futuristic Tones and Colour Texture Embrace SS19 colour trends came from, her top tips to help you create these colour trend looks, and the products that are linked to them. I’m confident that after hearing todays interview, you’ll be so in-tune for taking the very latest hair colour trends to your clients and business – helping you stand-out as a colour trends expert. Lets get to it!

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Special thanks to Zoe Irwin for joining me today.

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Today’s Guest

Since starting her career more than thirty years ago, Zoe’s always harboured a deep fascination with the concept of trend and the culture’s that spark them. For her, this has not always been about hair (although in her opinion, that’s always been a great place to start) but about all the external elements that combine to send a ripple of change through a person’s style. As such, Zoe’s outlook has always been a comprehensive one; paying close attention to every aspect of lifestyle and beyond. She’s captivated by freshness and change – and pride herself on spotting trends first and reflecting such movements through her work.

Over the last five years Zoe has worked with various trend agencies including Flamingo and WGSN to advise them on new tribes and hair aesthetics, the cultural impetus behind them and what they mean for the early adopters and those that follow them. Zoe’s experience has helped her develop new colour techniques, products and concepts as well as new cuts and fresh beauty ideas that have directly impacted the hair and beauty industry. Her work is rounded, considered from inception to end and perhaps more importantly always with the over-all ambition to help the UK hair industry become true global pioneers.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s interview

  • >>  00 min 38 sec: Show Intro
  • >>  03 min 45 sec: Zoe explains her role with Wella Professionals
  • >>  06 min 03 sec: Understanding where Zoe gets her colour trends from
  • >>  11 min 02 sec: Parisian Balayage
  • >>  14 min 16 sec: The global and age trends movement
  • >>  17 min 46 sec: Learning what macro and micro trends are
  • >>  19 min 52 sec: Wella Professionals Amber Slate colour trends SS19
  • >>  28 min 53 sec: Wella Professionals Futuristic Tones colour trends SS19
  • >>  36 min 05 sec: Wella Professionals Colour Texture Embrace colour trends SS19
  • >>  47 min 34 sec: Review of the Wella Professional colour products linked to the 3 colour trends SS19
  • >>  49 min 17 sec: Show outro


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