Attracting staff is the No.1 problem for our hair industry. So what todays guests, David and Nicole Barnett of the High Performance Stylist, are suggesting that not working Saturdays could really help fix a part of this big problem. This is why they are championing “We Don’t Do Saturdays”. It’s for salon owners that want to shout from the rooftops,”OUR TEAM COMES FIRST!” Now let’s be be really clear about something. David and Nicole say closing your salon on Saturdays is MUCH, MUCH, MORE than just a schedule change! “We Don’t Do Saturdays” is a CAUSE! And with such a proposed game changing cause for the hair industry, my natural curiosity to this massive statement meant I had to delve deeper with them both on it. Will you agree or disagree with what they are proposing?

In this episode we get to hear why David and Nicole believes if your salon business adopts “We Don’t Do Saturdays” it says that if people work for you, that your salon business cares about creating a balance between all of your salon life and personal life. That you can all work the perfect schedule and still have an incredible career. It says that you are a forward thinking company that understands and listens to the wants and needs of your team!

BUT, there is a strategy that must be followed if your salon business wants this change to be a raving success and attract new team members and new guests due to the CAUSE you may now stand for! Something that they will be sharing in this episode. It’s radical and who knows, after listening in you too might just be saying; “We Don’t Do Saturdays”.


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Thank you to David and Nicole Barnett for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.



Today’s Guest

David and Nicole sold Brush in 2016 to focus 100% on coaching stylists and salon owners. Their online programs, The High-Performance Stylist: HPS and 1:1 Business Consulting, is now helping salons and stylists all over the world to transform their salons into systematic, highly profitable businesses and their teams into career focused professionals.

The salons they coach range in size from the single chair salon suite to the 50 chair, urban life-style salon.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with David and Nicole Barnett

  • 00 min 00 sec: Intro.
  • 05 min 28 sec: Background to HPS
  • 12 min 15 sec: What is “We Don’t Do Saturdays?”
  • 15 min 33 sec: Why WDDS?
  • 18 min 17 sec: There is more than one option now.
  • 25 min 40 sec: When you know your numbers.
  • 27 min 43 sec: Can salons really close on Saturdays.
  • 31 min 53 sec: It’s a cause.
  • 36 min 33 sec: You got to think what else can you do.
  • 40 min 33 sec: That special Saturday feeling.




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