Today’s episode is all about Schwarzkopf Professional’s Shaping Futures – an initiative to help socially disadvantage young people to learn the craft of hairdressing and earn a living. And who better to talk about this than it’s ambassador, Janet Maitland.

Janet is the managing director of Janet Maitland Hair Excellence, heading up three salons in the North East of England. Janet divides her time between running the buisness and her other two loves; education and charity work. I’ve so much respect for Janet’s charity work, where she’s involved with; Stray Aid, Women’s Refuge and her local mental health trust to name a few.

In this episode, you’ll hear Janet explain how the Shaping Futures initiative gives skills and confidence to unlock the potential and enables socially deprived young people to improve their chances in life, and how professional hairdressers from around the world come together to volunteer as trainers. And you too could volunteer for Shaping Futures, seeing you travel to places such as Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Jordan to name a few.

Listen in to the inspirational Janet and learn about this incredible initiative, along with how you could help take disadvantage lives go in a new direction.

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Today’s Guest

Janet Maitland is the managing director of Janet Maitland Hair Excellence, heading up three salons in Gilesgate, Bowburn and Hetton-le-Hole and over 20 staff.

Janet worked as a City & Guilds programme developer, writing the national standards for hairdressing and as an external verifier from 1990 to 1997 alongside running her busy salons. Janet also spent many years as the managing director at the Durham Training Academy, helping to develop it into the top hairdressing training company in the UK, described as offering ‘world class training’

Show notes:

  • 3 min 53 sec: About Janet Maitland
  • 5 min 34 sec: Impact of salon wastage
  • 10 min 05 sec: What is Schwarzkopf’s Shaping Futures
  • 12 min 36 sec: How Janet got involved in Shaping Futures
  • 15 min 27 sec: Giving back to disadvantage young people
  • 18 min 33 sec: Who are the young people Shaping Futures is for
  • 20 min 40 sec: The popularity of young people wanting to learn
  • 21 min 46 sec: What you could expect when applying to be part of Shaping Futures
  • 25 min 26 sec: How long could you expect to be away working for, and what level of experience is required
  • 26 min 28 sec: Working within a team group
  • 27 min 32 sec: How many Shaping Futures projects globally
  • 28 min 17 sec: Attracting volunteers
  • 29 min 09 sec: Are there certain requirements to being a volunteer
  • 29 min 53 sec: Tips to fundraising to support an overseas project
  • 32 min 45 sec: A success story of Shaping Futures
  • 35 min 05 sec: Why Janet recommends doing Shaping Futures
  • 36 min 00 sec: Where to find out more information
  • 37 min 49 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions