Errol Douglas MBE is industry gold, FACT!! One of hairdressings most loved and respected names, Errol’s journey from growing up on the tough streets of London’s East End, to being presented with an MBE by HM The Queen in 2008 is truly an epic one! Today I’m honoured to be in the company of this inspirational man and to hear in his own words his untold story.

Globally recognised as an ultimate artisan within the hairdressing industry, Errol is renowned for his stunning photographic, session and event work, winning dozens of the worlds most coveted awards. But what I love most about Errol is his passion and commitment to championing young industry and creating a bigger international profile for UK hairdressing. He now occupies the Fellowship’s first Ambassador role, raising awareness of the UK Hair Industry on an ongoing basis.

From entering into the glamorous world of the fashion elite , to his a regular appearances on national daytime tv, to being one of the original pack of celebrity hairdressers, Errol’s story today will give us a fantastic insights in to those heady days of the 1980’s when hairdressers travelled the world with superstar statuses.

I know you’re going to love hearing Errol rolling back the years with his packed tales in hairdressing. You really don’t want to miss this ear pleaser! Enjoy!

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Special thanks to Errol Douglas for joining me today. Until next time!


Today’s Guest

Hairstylist Errol Douglas, a favourite with clients and industry peers alike. In recent times, Errol has been awarded – Patron of Honour by The Fellowship For British Hairdressing, awarded internationally to only four other hair stylists – Vidal Sassoon, Trevor Sorbie MBE, Xavier Wenger and Ann Herman. Recognised as Legend of the Year in the 2017 Creative Head Most Wanted Awards he has also received his 21st nomination for British Hairdresser of the Year demonstrating his passion and consistency for his craft.

His salon won Marie Claire Salon of the Year 2017 and London Lifestyle Awards Hairdressing Salon of the Year for the second time. He is a 3 time winner of British Hairdressing Awards Afro category, winner of the Black Beauty/Wahl Awards’ Stylist of the Year, overall AIPP Grand Trophy winner, AIPP Avant Garde Trophy winner, awarded the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Hairdresser of the Year, winner Creative Head Media Darling of the Year and Creative Hair Talent, just a few of his numerous accolades. Errol holds the next generation of hairdressing close to his heart and has mentored and been Artistic Director for The Fellowship for British Hairdressing FAME Team for 8 years. This earned him the rare award of Outstanding Contribution to the FAME Team in 2011.


Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 05 min 12 sec: The schoolboy Errol Douglas
  • 08 min 37 sec: The music scene for Errol
  • 10 min 06 sec: The voice to say Errol wanted to be a hairdresser
  • 10 min 57 sec: The battles of being at school
  • 12 min 44 sec: What Errol’s early years taught him
  • 14 min 40 sec: Errol’s mum
  • 16 min 44 sec: Mrs Johnson, the hairdresser
  • 20 min 13 sec: At Grammar school
  • 21 min 11 sec: Your vocations pulls you in different directions
  • 21 min 34 sec: Being a artistic person
  • 22 min 36 sec: The impact of seeing Hairdressers Journal
  • 24 min 31 sec: Errol’s first apprenticeship
  • 25 min 32 sec: Meeting Paul and Liz Edmonds
  • 26 min 26 sec: Working at Neville Daniel
  • 28 min 21 sec: A clean cut assistant
  • 30 min 44 sec: Brought up around some of hairdressings most influential names in the fashion world
  • 32 min 24 sec: The powerful PR Lyn Franks
  • 33 min 27 sec: Why Errol thought he was not good enough
  • 35 min 26 sec: Legendary celebrity clients of the 80’s
  • 37 min 13 sec: Style Challenge
  • 39 min 09 sec: Jane Galpin scouting the original celebrity hair pack
  • 40 min 22 sec: Errol’s style and discipline
  • 41 min 54 sec: A celebrity hairdresser with superstar status
  • 44 min 03 sec: Opening up the Errol Douglas Salon
  • 49 min 27 sec: A salon for all ethnic backgrounds and cultures
  • 52 min 39 sec: Being a black guy in hairdressing
  • 54 min 44 sec: A Barbering and hairdressing divide
  • 57 min 51 sec: Errol on the British Hairdresser of The Year
  • 1 hr 02 min 14 sec: Next big thing for Errol
  • 1 hr 04 min 57 sec: Questions from the How To Cut It community
  • 1 hr 10 min 25 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions