John Spanton is the Creative Colour Director and Technical Education for Trevor Sorbie International. But what does it take to hold a position of this prestige and importance? Well, this exactly what we’re about to find out in today’s podcast.

John role means he’s the leading creative force behind the colour output for the world renowned Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team and their growing number of International Salons. With his down to earth attitude and strong work ethic have rewarded him with this massive position to one of the worlds most respected salon names. However, he’s had to earn his stripes before landing this role, by working for almost 10 years internationally (and travelling many UK motorway miles per week) on shows and seminars within the L’Oréal/Matrix group.

I’m seriously blown away by how John and the Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team are pushing forward the creative boundaries in hairdressing. So if you are interested in one day following a similar route towards a Creative Director role, then this episode is a great place to start.

Headphones on, let’s get to it!


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Special thanks to John Spanton for joining me today. Until next time!



Today’s Guest

John Spanton is the Creative Colour Director and Technical Education for Trevor Sorbie International– which means he’s the leading creative force behind the colour output from their world renowned Artistic Team and their growing number of salons.

John’s influence can be seen in all the Art Team’s photographic work, most recently, his creative work has earned him a place as a finalist for the Creative Head Magazine Colour Expert for three years running, finalist for image of the year British Fellowship and the A.I.P.P. Winner of Hairclub Live image of the year and Winner of the International Creative Colour Award at the Behind The Chair awards

His work has graced the cover of many trade and consumer magazines, and he cites his success as a consequence of an in-built stubbornness to do well and keep moving forward, that, and working hard, then working harder still!

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we discuss in today’s episode

  • • A background story to John
  • • John’s early impression of hairdressing and interest in colour work
  • • The early era of colour work
  • • Perms – could we see the revival of it
  • • John’s first steps into technical education
  • • How and why John joined the Trevor Sorbie Salon
  • • Why following the management progression path at Trevor Sorbie was not for John
  • • Creating the big hitting 2017 Black & White Collection
  • • How John used a unique technique to create his Coloured by Hand look
  • • Winning Behind The Chair Big Shot competition
  • • Judging the L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2018
  • • What can we expect from John going forward
  • • Education with John