Rainbow Room International has grown into Scotland’s largest salon groups. But how have they gone about achieving this? Well, this exactly what we going to learn in todays episode. I’m to be joined by it’s founders and owners, Alan and Linda Stewart. This husband and wife duo know how to take a salon business and grow into a successful group and they’re going to pass on to you today their story and strategies to inspire you to do similar.

Alan and Linda Stewart are two of the leading names, not only within the UK industry, but within the global hairdressing industry. For over thirty years they have provided members of their team with a secure future along with a structured career path and have created a salon concept that is quite unique.

Today, thirty years later Rainbow Room International have grown to become one of the most respected names both creatively and on a business level within the global hairdressing industry. They have developed to become an award winning twelve strong salon group with their own Educational Academy, Finishing School, Fame Academy, they have two beauty and day spa salons, a property company and a team of over 350 highly trained and dedicated employees, servicing over 100,000 client visits and a turnover in excess of nine million pounds. Wowser!

Back in Episode 86 we discussed how to start a small salon business from scratch with Patrick Marrow. Well, in todays episode will make for perfect listening for anyone who’s goal is to take their small salon business to the next level by becoming a successful salon group of companies. Through having a visionary concept (thinking outside the box) and offering their team with rewards that includes a franchising model, is just a taster to some of the mega stuff you’re about to learn about today. So what are we waiting for, lets get started!


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Special thanks to Alan and Linda Stewart for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

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Today’s Guest

Alan and Linda Stewart are two of the leading names, not only within the UK industry, but within the global hairdressing industry.

Known for their creative thinking (thinking out of the box) and pushing boundaries, in 1979 they opened a 2,600sq-ft salon in Glasgow’s main shopping area. At the time the sceptics said it wouldn’t work but Alan knew that clients were looking for more than ‘just a visit to the hairdressers’. He understood from his previous role as Artistic Director in the largest hair & beauty salon in the world – Harrods, that client care; customer service coupled with progressive quality hairdressing was the way forward and would help him achieve his ultimate goal.

Alan & Linda’s philosophy has always been to provide staff and clients with premium facilities, to offer a high quality service at affordable prices, which enabled the team to earn higher than average salaries.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode

  • 00 min 30 sec: Show intro
  • 05 min 16 sec: The background story to Alan Stewart and RRI
  • 11 min 03 sec: Why it was the worst year to open up a brand new salon
  • 12 min 00 sec: The background story to Linda Stewart
  • 13 min 51 sec: The roles of Alan and Linda within RRI
  • 16 min 42 sec: The RRI brand
  • 18 min 27 sec: How RRI overspending led to the success of their Academy
  • 24 min 42 sec: The longterm vision in creating a Franchise model for RRI
  • 26 min 18 sec: Growing the brand reputation of RRI
  • 28 min 54 sec: A third salon for RRI
  • 31 min 26 sec: How and who could become a franchisee of a RRI salon
  • 34 min 36 min: Building a business built into Western culture
  • 36 min 16 min: Why offering your team members with the right rewards and awards creates success for you business
  • 40 min 04 sec: The competitive driving force to being successful
  • 42 min 53 sec: Where and what the RRI hair salon group has grown to become
  • 45 min 47 sec: The signature look of RRI
  • 50 min 28 sec: The future plans for RRI
  • 52 min 36 sec: Top tip from Alan to growing your salon to become a successful salon group
  • 54 min 05 sec: Dom’s 5 Quick Fire Questions
  • 58 min 17 sec: Show outro



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