Today I’m speaking with an icon name from our industry and the former Sassoon UK Creative Director – Bruce Masefield. I was thrilled when Bruce reached out to me about coming on to the show to speak about his incredible time at Sassoon UK, and why he left this prestigious role to have the creative freedom to running his own salon branded business, Bruce Masefield Hair.

Bruce is a hairstylist with an international reputation of the highest level, who is admired for having a contemporary, chic and luxurious taste level – something that runs right the way through his salons brand aesthetic and ethos in the heart of Edinburgh’s city centre. With his beautiful salon quickly establishing itself as one of Scotland’s leading premier hair destinations, Bruce is very clear on knowing who and what his salons brand story is. And today he will help and reveal why it’s important for you to find your brand aesthetic too.

With a passion, dedication and commitment to his craft, Bruce has kept at the forefront of the hairdressing industry for three decades. He’s helped educate hairdressers in many shows and seminars he has undertaken globally, along with coaching and teaching the next generation of the UK, something that you’ll hear today he’s incredibly passionate about!

This interview with Bruce is a colossal listen that will bring you some valuable insights to branding your salon business, and how we should all be continually learning new ideas and passing them on to the next generation. It’s an episode I guarantee that like me, you’ll get goosebumps listening to what Bruce has to say – let’s get started!


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Special thanks to Bruce Masefield for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

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Today’s Guest

Bruce joined Vidal Sassoon in the late 80s and quickly developed a natural flair for cutting and styling techniques. Having established himself in the salon as a highly successful Creative Director and proving to have a keen eye for spotting trends, Bruce was appointed as the Sassoon UK Creative Director.

Bruce’s ability to combine international fashion with contemporary, expertly polished hair means that he is constantly pushing the boundaries and intuitively knows what looks will give you that chic, sexy and fresh edge to your hair.

His collaborations with designers such as Xander Zhou, Simon Goa, Edeline Lee and Sadie Clayton during fashion weeks season after season have achieved critical acclaim and column inches. Bruce is also in demand as a commentator on hair and fashion trends contributing regularly to online publications such as Get The Gloss.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover during this interview

  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro
  • >> 05 min 22 sec: A background to Bruce’s heritage at Sassoon UK
  • >> 10 min 24 sec: Hairdressers coming out of the Sassoon salon, Manchester
  • >> 14 min 22 sec: The braver you are the better you will be
  • >> 15 min 30 sec: Working alongside the man himself, Vidal Sassoon
  • >> 17 min 45 sec: Why Bruce has changed his ideas to teaching
  • >> 21 min 02 sec: Why Bruce is addressing youth in a different way
  • >> 23 min 50 sec: Bruce’s role and responsibility as Sassoon’s UK Creative Director Role
  • >> 28 min 03 sec: Why Bruce left Sassoon for creative freedom
  • >> 32 min 43 sec: Share, share, share makes the industry better
  • >> 34 min 11 sec: Why Bruce was petrified to opening his Bruce Masefield Hair
  • >> 36 min 09 sec: Why opening a salon business in Edinburgh
  • >> 37 min 04 sec: The Bruce Masefield Hair aesthetic brand
  • >> 42 min 39 sec: Why they are saying brands now need a sound
  • >> 45 min 06 sec: Why Bruce chose Bruce as his hairdressing name
  • >> 46 min 46 sec: The sub-brand of Bruce Masefield Hair
  • >> 47 min 51 sec: Why the aesthetic of the world excites and turns Bruce on or off
  • >> 48 min 48 sec: The future of Bruce Masefield
  • >> 50 min 05 sec: Opening a salon business with not one single client
  • >> 52 min 21 sec: Proud to be in the industry
  • >> 53 min 21 sec: Why being a mentor is currently the most important thing to Bruce
  • >> 55 min 03 sec: There is no priority lane in hairdressing, the 10,000 hours rule
  • >> 01 hr 00 min 27 sec: Where to find out more on Bruce
  • >> 01 hr 02 min 14 sec: Dom’s Last 5 Questions That Has ‘Nothing To Do With Hair Whatsoever!’
  • >> 01 hr 03 min 36 sec: Show outro




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