Have you noticed a shift in the hair industry? Salons are now looking for technique driven education rather than brand – something which today’s guest Jo Robertson has both identified and gone about creating.

Mostly known for working at ghd as global head of education we spoke to Jo about this role back in Episode 25. Fast track forward to late 2018 she decided to step away from GHD to set up ‘The Jo Robertson Hair Agency’, and today we’re diving deep in to how she is changing the way education is available by creating a brand-neutral space where artists can showcase their work and offer services to salons.

Starting her journey in hairdressing as a Saturday girl, Jo’s worked at every level that has seen her stand behind the chair for 25 years as both a stylist and salon owner before moving into education. Jo is now bringing all her wealth of valuable experience to help coach and develop hair professionals and salon owners by inspiring them to get back in charge of their businesses, and design the brand they always wanted.

Jo says you need to become a brand. A brand will give you longevity, it will give you the systems and processes that will help you to grow your brand and give you the lifestyle you desire to travel to that amazing beach in the Maldives or to purchase the Channel handbag that you have lusted over for so long.

So whether you’re yearning for a place in hairdressing as a hair educator, getting to grips with social media or having a business that allows you to live the lifestyle you want, then Jo’s about to help you achieve this and more by becoming the ‘Brand Artist‘ you want to be. Let’s go to it!


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Special thanks to Jo Robertson for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

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Today’s Guest

Former global head of education for ghd, Jo Robertson is a Brand Artist to help coach and develop hair professionals. She offers salon development strategies, project Management for shoots, events and exhibitions. Jo uses her years of brand experience to help you deliver your goals.

In 2019 Jo set up ‘The Jo Robertson Hair Agency’ providing a brand-neutral space where artists can showcase their work and offer services to salons.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in today’s episode

  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • >> 04 min 43 sec: Leaving ghd to start the Brand Artist and Hair Agency business.
  • >> 11 min 07 sec: A website for freelance educators.
  • >> 14 min 12 sec: Being an educator.
  • >> 18 min 54 sec: The Hair Agency subscription breakdown.
  • >> 26 min 06 sec: Understanding your marketing better.
  • >> 30 min 02 sec: Having a mentor.
  • >> 35 min 14 sec: Why Jo is really happy by knowing who and what she is.
  • >> 38 min 46 sec: The services and courses and available with Jo.
  • >> 41 min 50 sec: What educators get on The Hair Agency website.
  • >> 43 min 24 sec: Stronger together.
  • >> 45 min 13 sec: Helping you to get jobs as an educator.
  • >> 46 min 23 sec: Jo’s personal blog.
  • >> 50 min 20 sec: Last 5 Questions.
  • >> 52 min 33 sec: Show outro.




Business Club

Jo Robertson Blog

The Hair Agency

EP025: Jo Robertson – Being head of global education for ghd



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