You’ve heard it all before. Young hairdressers, they’re not passionate! They can’t be bothered! They don’t work the hours we used too! Maybe you agree with these statements, but it so happens that todays guest certainly doesn’t. Joining me to discuss this contentious topic is one of our most respected British hairdressers, Sean Dawson. Today we’ll be learning from Sean on why he believes we need to give young hairdressers a break!

I have long admired Sean Dawson. Continually producing stunning hair work over the last 3 decades, I also love how he never shy’s away from being open and honest in discussing and debating controversial topics. Most certainly young people and how they want to do things different to the generation before it never fails to deliver some heated conversations.

Having worked within the hairdressing industry for over 33 years, Sean is a multi-award winning session stylist and educator. With a true passion for educating, he has nurtured and developed many young people to go on to become great hairdressers themselves. This has led him to see that young people are willing to work hard and are committed to what they do – if we get them engaged and inspired. Moaning how they can’t be bothered is simply not good enough or acceptable! As Sean says: “It’s our responsibility and duty to develop young people!”.

Having the same old approach to how we used to work for young hairdressers is outdated thinking. Instead you need to individually tap into what motivates them and then tailor a dynamic plan to fuel their ambitions. Sean has some great ideas to this, along with a new approach to apprenticeships. All of this and more in today’s podcast, so be sure to listen in.


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Special thanks to Sean Dawson for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Today’s Guest

Having worked within the hairdressing industry for over 33 years, Sean is a multi-award winning session stylist and educator. He is a “Hall of Fame” inductee both within the UK and Australian hairdressing industries, a former London Hairdresser of the Year. Sean is also the youngest person ever to be awarded the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Fellow with Distinction leading to him taking on the esteemed role of President for the organisation in 2007 and 2007.

His session work has seen him work with the likes of Madonna but his true passion lies in education which has seen him travel the world and present in over 30 countries. Sean has been an Electric Brand Ambassador within the USA, working closely with leading salons on the West Coast that stock the Electric Professional product line.

Since returning to London, Sean teamed up with founder Mark Woolley and although based in the Marylebone salon he also works delivering the Electric Education through the UK and internationally.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode

  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • >> 05 min 39 sec: Why we need to challenge what we really think.
  • >> 08 min 28 sec: The negativity towards young hairdressers.
  • >> 10 min 32 sec: Young people being more resistant to how we used to work.
  • >> 11 min 30 sec: Working for free.
  • >> 15 min 47 sec: The young Sean Dawson in hairdressing.
  • >> 20 min 24 sec: Over complicating the fundamentals.
  • >> 23 min 03 sec: Why Sean thinks the NVQ is a shambles.
  • >> 29 min 03 sec: Teaching techniques not haircuts.
  • >> 35 min 54 sec: A busy stylist.
  • >> 38 min 55 sec: Salon owners stopping staff from owning a salon.
  • >> 40 min 14 sec: Career pathways in hairdressing.
  • >> 43 min 25 sec: How long we should be training apprenticeships for.
  • >> 45 min 50 sec: Knowing what a brand is.
  • >> 48 min 05 sec: What motivates different types of hairdressers?
  • >> 54 min 19 sec: Self employed hairdressers.
  • >> 01 hr 02 min 28 sec: Retail and self employed being a level playing field.
  • >> 01 hr 05 min 39 sec: Sean’s takeaway tip.
  • >> 01 hr 08 min 05 sec: Where to find out more and collaborations.
  • >> 01 hr 11 min 43 sec: Last 5 Questions.
  • >> 01 hr 15 min 06 sec: Show outro.