For this episode today we’ve something very special for you all. We’re coming live from the East London home of hairdressing superstar and owner of the ‘Not Another’ brand, Sophia Hilton. I was so excited for Sophia to invite me into her family home for dinner and have her interview me. Over Sophia’s delicious homemade spagbol and glass of red wine you’re about to ears drop into a lovely social evening between myself and Sophia. It’s not to be missed!

Friend of the show and a previous guest in Episode 06 and 66, I bumped into Sophia at the judging day of the British Hairdressing Business Awards. Here she suggested turning the microphone round on to myself and have herself interviewing me about my hairdressing career, podcasting and an exclusive announcement I have on HairClubLive – something I’m incredibly honoured to share with you all for the first time today.

In the company of one of the most respected industry figures in the world and a Verified name on Instagram, I sat down to dinner with Sophia in her home to answer her brilliant questions. Asking me on why I set out on my journey in podcasting and the dreams I have for the show, this conversation with Sophia is to reveal so much about me, my hairdressing career and why I love bringing you all the ‘How To Cut It’ podcast show. But like all great hosts, Sophia was also out for an industry scoop, and you know what, she got one!!

Curious to know what this is, then you’ll need to keep tuned in. Sophia’s exquisite interviewing techniques got so much out of me that evening. This episode is not only a great insight into the podcast and myself, but for all you Sophia super-fans to hear her in a rare moment where she’s away from work and at home socialising.

It was a wonderful evening spent with Sophia. I’d like to take this moment to say thank you for Sophia inviting me into her home and taking the time to interview myself! I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast, as much as I did being in her company. Now come and join our dinner date!


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Special thanks to Sophia Hilton for inviting me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Today’s Guest

Sophia Hilton is the owner of the game changing, 8 times award winning, Not Another Salon, which has quickly become one of the most talked about Salons in the Uk and around the world. Not Another Academy, the salons sister business, is leading the way a new type of honest and ‘real’ education running 65 course a year and across 5 countries- and they have only been open 2.5 years. The recently launched Not Another Social, is shaking up the industry with a never been done before, affordable social media consultancy.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in today’s episode

  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • >> 03 min 42 sec: Sophia welcomes Dom to her house for dinner.
  • >> 05 min 31 sec: How the podcast come about?
  • >> 09 min 08 sec: My dreams for the show.
  • >> 09 min 45 sec: Most challenging part of podcasting.
  • >> 13 min 00 sec: Dealing with strong opinions.
  • >> 16 min 43 sec: Loving the journey.
  • >> 18 min 21 sec: Getting the listeners engaged and reconnected to the industry.
  • >> 23 min 14 sec: Death by money.
  • >> 25 min 56 sec: Hairdressers are the most socially equipped people.
  • >> 27 min 33 sec: Emotionally connected to our clients.
  • >> 29 min 59 sec: Making money from the How To Cut It podcast.
  • >> 31 min 32 sec: Dom’s story in hairdressing.
  • >> 44 min 12 sec: Becoming bored of hairdressing and helping others reconnect.
  • >> 47 min 17 sec: Dom’s big announcement about HairClubLive.
  • >> 51 min 34 sec: Sophia’s Quick Fire Questions.
  • >> 56 min 10 sec: Show outro.