It’s that time of year for all of us hairdressers. Sore feet, aching calves, energy sapped, headspace full, and, yes, ready for a well earned festive break. So what could be a better time than now to recover your mind, body and wellness ready for a big new year ahead. To help us all with this recovery, we’re joined for the second of our 3 week instalment series dedicated to mental health and wellbeing awareness within the hairdressing industry by holistic hairdresser and coach, Eva Espinosa.

Originally from Spain, Eva settled her life in London and is now based at ‘Our little Secret’ – an independent hair salon with a unique holistic approach to hairdressing. Eva uses her practice in the field of yoga, her qualifications and studies in communication and the psychology of trauma with contemporary techniques for self-development enable her to offer a unique vision to educate, inspire and transform others in their personal journeys of obtaining great balance with their mind, body and wellness.

In this episode, I talk through with Eva on tips to creating an enjoyable client wellbeing salon experience through the rituals of holistic hairdressing. Most importantly, these services will allow us all to slow down and be present with ourselves and our clients. This matters greatly both to your own wellness and understanding clients with varying emotions. And be sure to stick around to the end of the podcast. Eva gives us some great advice to teaching practices in mind, body and wellness for ourselves to adapt into our busy lives, followed by a fun exercise to try along with me.

A truly enlightening podcast episode, Eva’s insights into ‘holistic hairdressing’ will open your eyes to a completely new take within hairdressing. So lets put our feet up, tune-in and recharge our batteries this festive holidays. You deserve it! Happy Christmas!


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Special thanks to Eva Espinosa for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Today’s Guest

A holistic hairdresser based at the independent hair salon, Our Little Secret, Eva Espinosa has enjoyed a multidisciplinary education encompassing expansive experience in the areas of image; business; hairdressing and self-development. Stemming from her professional background, she has acquired knowledge which she now combines in a new chapter of her career, enabling her to offer expertise in an area of my professional realm which I describe as ‘holistic hairdressing, coaching and business consultancy’.

Studying the History of Art and having worked with makeup and prosthetics in the areas of film, fashion and theatre, enabling Eva to work as an art director on her personal projects.

Throughout her hairdressing career she has been dedicated to developing her hairdressing skills and studying the psychology behind hair loss and hair replacement. Eva’s continuous success in developing and managing a business over time throughout downturns is the result of continuous study and self-improvement.


Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in todays episode

  • 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • 04 min 32 sec: The psychology and therapy of hairdressing.
  • 12 min 10 sec: Why we need to slow down.
  • 14 min 29 sec: Not just a hairdresser when working with your clients.
  • 18 min 12 sec: Opening consultation and questions.
  • 21 min 09 sec: Making hair industry more attractive through our holistic and wellbeing approach.
  • 28 min 39 sec: How to keep our energy levels balanced?
  • 33 min 02 sec: Society is not comfortable.
  • 36 min 50 sec: Dealing with clients varying emotions.
  • 38 min 17 sec: Creating the right environment.
  • 43 min 16 sec: Who you are and where we are.
  • 53 min 00 sec: Teaching practices in mind, body and wellbeing.
  • 54 min 33 sec: An exercise to try.
  • 56 min 25 sec: Meditatation.
  • 01 hr 04 min 48 sec: Last 5 Questions.
  • 01 hr 08 min 10 sec: Show outro.