Are you into creating vivid hair colour transformations? If so, then today you’re in for a treat! I’m about to bring you two separate interviews all rolled into one big juicy episode. A series titled: ‘The Rise of the Vivid Hair Colourists, joining me for Part 1 of this series is Becky Sutherland, owner of LUSH, followed by Sam Kerswell, owner of Mode Hair Lab.

With their vivid hair colour posts on social media, both Becky and Sam’s industry and online presence has seriously grown over the last year. Flying the flag for British Hairdressing, Becky and Sam who are making big names for themselves regardless of where they are located in the UK. Becky in the North East of England and Sam in the South West of England, both are proof that you can now achieve great industry things no matter where you’re located.

It’s fair to say that vivid hair colour trend have exploded over the last few years. Tired of the natural palette, a generation of consumers and hairstylists alike have turned to creating head turning colours. Something not seen since the early 80’s has vivid hair colours never been so popular.

I love how this exciting new breed of hair colourists (‘The Brit Pack’) have harnessed the new technology of hair colours and the results it gives them. Combine this with their creative colouring techniques ,boom, the final looks are eye popping good! Just one scroll through social media and the results are their to be seen.

Want to know more about the rise of the vivid hair colourists then let’s wait no more, hit that play button!


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Special thanks to Becky Sutherland and Sam Kerswell for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Today’s Guest

Becky Sutherland

Owner of Lush salon in the North East of England, Becky Sutherland knew from day one she had to stand out in the industry. For Becky to achieve this was pushing vivid colours, as this is what excites her most.  Pushing hard on social media has seen her industry profile grown rapidly and is now Crazy Colour Ambassador and sponsored by INNOluxe.

Sam Kerswell

Based in the in a Cornish city of Plymouth, Sam Kerswell started hair as a Saturday boy when he was just 14. His career
went next level when he started utilising Trillion Tones. To date Sam has travelled to New York to teach colour
and collaborating  with amazing artists across Europe and America. Known for his colour work and social media
videos Sam is regarded as a one to watch in hairdressing.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in todays episode

  • 07 min 54 sec: Introduction to Becky Sutherland.
  • 12 min 36 sec: The vivid hair colourist.
  • 14 min 33 sec: Making an industry presence using social media.
  • 16 min 36 sec: Being careful of what you post.
  • 18 min 18 sec: Brand recognition no matter where you live.
  • 21 min 44 sec: Photographing all her work.
  • 23 min 48 sec: Editing and taking photos.
  • 26 min 56 sec: Becky’s new salon and team.
  • 27 min 53 sec: Salon appointment times for vivid transformations.
  • 30 min 32 sec: Business after lockdown.
  • 32 min 05 sec: Where does haircutting sit within hair colouring.
  • 34 min 34 sec; Whats next for Becky.
  • 36 min 30 sec: Where to find out more on Becky.
  • 37 min 34 sec: Introduction to sam Kerswell.
  • 41 min 56 sec: How Social Media and vivid has raised Sam’s profile.
  • 48 min 11 sec: Pressures of posting on Social Media.
  • 51 min 12 sec: Creating great videos for social media.
  • 56 min 05 sec: Adapting to trend changes and balayage.
  • 01 hr 01 min 30 sec: The future for Sam.
  • 01 hr 05 min 04 sec: Doing colour wig work.
  • 01 07 min 38 sec: Sam’s top tip to young hairdressers.
  • 01 hr 10 min 45 sec: Show outro.