I’m all over the PHAB Service Stars for the hair and beauty industry.

The equivalent of our industry’s Michelin Star, PHAB Service Stars gives salon, spa and barbering professionals elevated status and a measurable benchmark for their superior performance whilst helping their career progression. Vetted by industry experts the PHAB Service Stars provides a much needed guidance for choosing the best hair, beauty, barbering and nail professionals.

For  this episode I’ve invited the PHAB Service Stars Founder & CEO, Nergish Wadia Austin, to talk about how you can become the industry’s equivalent of a Michelin Star. One of the worlds most highly regarded hair and beauty expert consultants for over 40 years, Nergish is extremely knowledgeable of the hair, beauty and wellness industry.

As Nergish says, “I believe that as industry standards improve, so will the performance level expectations in order to qualify for a PHAB Service Star. Annual renewals ensure that no professional can rest on their laurels.” Fine words I’m sure you’ll agree. If your curious to know how the PHAB Service Stars works, then check out this episode.


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Thank you to Nergish Wadia Austin for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye!

Today’s Guest

Nergish Wadia-Austin is a highly regarded, international hair, beauty, spa and wellness industry expert. Nergish has been part of this vibrant industry for over 40 years, travelling around the world consulting, training and speaking publicly at many of the world’s major industry events. Based in London, UK, she offers her training and services to the best salons, spas and barbershops via her website, hairandbeautyexpert.com.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Nergish.

  • Start: introduction.
  • 05 min 35 sec: What catches Nergish’s eye as a top salon?
  • 09 min 24 sec: Being flexible and stratergies in place post COVID-19.
  • 23 min 29 sec: About PHAB Service Stars.
  • 31 min 47 sec: PHAB Service Stars Advisory board.
  • 50 min 14 sec: How to apply for a PHAB Service Stars.