If you’re looking for an insight into the life of being a freelance hairdresser working mobile, then we’ve got you covered today. I’m joined by a fairly unknown name in hairdressing to many of you, Sam Toogood. A hairdresser for 21 years, I wanted to bring freelance hairdresser Sam on to share her experiences and advice to it. Pros and cons.

Proud member of the Freelance Hairdressing Association, Sam is passionate on portraying the very best standards of being a freelance hairdresser working mobile. From a confident pricing structure, setting herself up professionally when doing hair within houses, and offering an online booking systems, Sam is the perfect role model of providing her clients with the highest professional standards when it comes to mobile hairdressing.

Married with two children, having the flexibility and choice of how she likes to work, freelance hairdressing fits perfectly into her life right now. Could this work for your life too right now? Well lets wait no more to find out, as we explore all the things you need to know on being a freelance hairdresser working mobile.


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Thank you to Sam Toogood for joining me on todays podcast.

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Today’s Guest

Luton is where freelance hairdresser Sam Toogood’s training began in 1996 at Barnfield College. Going back to college in her new hometown of Basingstoke in 2001 and completed my level 3 in hairdressing at BCOT. Twenty-one years later, Sam is still mastering new techniques. A proud member of the FHA she works hard behind the scene to collaborate with like-minded hair stylists and companies.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in todays episode with Sam

  • Start: Introduction.
  • 03 min 34 sec: Changing the stigma of a mobile hairdresser image.
  • 11 min 46 sec: Importance of adapting and changing.
  • 14 min 10 sec: pricing structure of a freelance hairdresser.
  • 18 min 05: Starting out as a freelance mobile hairdresser.
  • 21 min 34 sec: Being out on the road.
  • 23 min 12 sec: Set up to working mobile.
  • 24 min 58 sec: Working your appointments.
  • 31 min 45 sec: Hours Sam works the road.
  • 35 min 47 sec: Taking payments and appointments.
  • 40 min 00 sec: Challenges of being on the road.
  • 42 min 20 min: Being a member of the FHA.


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