Today’s title ‘Hairdressing Saved my Life’ sounds dramatic. For sure! But that’s what hairdressing literally did for todays guest, Daniel Granger.

Sometimes the most beautiful people are beautifully broken.

A successful salon owner of Daniel Granger Hairdressing, hairdresser of TV’s ‘Body Fixers’, global educator, Schwarzkopf Ambassador, motivational speaker and blessed with Hollywood good looks, Daniel has it all. But behind all of this is an emotional and powerful story to Daniels life. Something we’re truly honoured for him to share with us all in his own words today. It’s a gripping and open podcast, revealing so many of Daniel’s most personal and darkest moments that has shaped him to become the person that he now is.

After his father passed, at the age of fourteen, Daniel tells of how he was given a pair of clippers, with the intention of saving money by cutting hair from home. This gave him his life purpose, and so much more than he could have ever realised back then.

When life gives you so many reasons to breakdown and lose hope, Daniel is proof that there a so many reasons to stay strong. Let go of what was and have faith in what the universe will bring you. This is the faith Daniel takes into his life. Mix that with the philosophy of hard work, determination and always holding on to that dream, its easy to understand why he has found so many wins in his hairdressing career.

If life feels like it’s getting on top of you, I guarantee this episode will help you to take a deep breathe, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. Tomorrow is a new day of hope and dreams.


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Thank you to Daniel Granger for joining me on todays podcast.

Be sure to join us for next weeks episode with Mark Blake and Zoe Irwin.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.



Today’s Guest

One of UK hairdressings most recognised faces, Daniel Granger is the salon owner of Daniel Granger Hairdressing, Northampton. Shooting to fame on TV’s ‘Great British Hairdresser’ and most recently E4’s ‘Body Fixers’, he has gone on to become a Schwarzkopf Ambassador, global educator and most recently launching‘The Perfectionist‘ a Daniel Granger Academy, sharing his passion for education in the the art of hairdressing.

Show notes:

Here s some of what we cover in todays episode with Daniel

  • Start: intro.
  • 06 min 27 sec: Self confessed dreamer.
  • 06 min 42 sec: Want it and I get it by manifesting it.
  • 12 min 40 sec: The early life of Daniel.
  • 18 min 27 sec: Being taking in from begging on the streets.
  • 26 min 19 sec: The power of hairdressing.
  • 29 min 44 sec: Daniels grandfather.
  • 32 min 54 sec: Being hard on yourself.
  • 35 min 29 sec: The misfits.
  • 37 min 19 sec: The journey of Daniel in hairdressing.
  • 41 min 35 sec: Being self-taught.
  • 44 min 07 sec: How being a hairdresser on TV changed Daniel.
  • 48 min 05 sec: How hair saved my life.
  • 51 min 27 sec: Doors began to open.
  • 53 min 34 sec: Becoming the award winning celebrity hairdresser on E4 Body Fixers
  • 01 hr 01 min 03 sec: Take risks, do the incredible, do the impossible.
  • 01 hr 06 min 58 sec: We Are Perfectionists.