Over the last year everything has changed for us all around the globe. As hair professionals being forced to stop working has given for many of us the chance to reflect on where we are at it within our lives and asking ourselves: have we found our life purpose?

I know, a heavy question but as we head back to doing hairdressing again, I wonder if slowing down and stopping has turned your head to to the possibility of new opportunities, new goals, new journeys? Curious, I just had to ask this question to former guest of the show and leading international educator, the brilliantly talented, Ben Brown.

When I last spoke to Ben in 2018, it was so exciting to learn about his first steps into becoming a hairdressing educator. Listening back to that podcast, it struck me that being an hair educator really gave Ben his life purpose of sharing both his love and expertise of cutting hair shapes. Fast forward two and half years and one pandemic later, where is Ben now at in his career and has his life purpose changed since we last spoke? Well, that’s what we will learn all about today.

I hope after listening in to this great conversation with Ben will help you look at where you are going in not just your hairdressing career, but in your life too. In this most challenging of years it may just have given you the headspace to pivoting your life towards a completely new direction. I would love to know what that could be by dropping me a DM on my Instagram account @domlehane.

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Thank you to Ben Brown for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.




Today’s Guest

A Left handed educator, Ben is the founder of Bbeducation who’s 23 years experience has seen him go on to become one of the world most in demand hair educators.

Why does Ben teach? Simple he loves to learn, above else he loves learning. Ben thinks educators should be students that teach, we learn to share we grow to make others grow.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in todays episode with Ben

  • 00 min 00 sec: Introduction.
  • 08 min 25 sec: How has Ben dealt with the last year of the pandemic.
  • 12 min 10 sec: Beyond the salon chair.
  • 22 min 00 sec: The more you know.
  • 24 min 00 sec:The business of Bb Education.
  • 27 min 07 sec: The rise of Zoom for education.
  • 30 min 43 sec: Start with your why?
  • 33 min 15 sec: Learn the things that scare you most, because anything is possible.
  • 36 min 21 sec: Earned, Portfolio and Passive income.
  • 42 min 15 sec: Pivoting your life purpose and essentialism.
  • 48 min 22 sec: Ben’s tips to finding your life purpose.
  • 52 min 20 sec: What’s on offer with Bb education.