I’m so excited for this episode. We are covering a subject I wish I could have heard myself when I first started out I’m my hairdressing career. Because today I’m talking with International Celebrity Hair and Make-Up artist, Kevin Fortune, on how to work in the art of Session Hair Styling Across Fashion, Red Carpet, Film & TV. As the co-founder of the Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy in London’s West End, he seriously knows his stuff when it comes to the genre of hair and make-up. He teaches Make-Up Artists, Hairstylists and Hairdresser from around the world on it, and today he will be sharing that wealth of experience with us all, too. Its gold!

With over twenty years of industry experience, Kevin continues to stay at the top of the game as a leading Hair and Make-Up artist. He works regularly in the worlds of Music to Live Entertainment TV, Fashion Editorials and Personal Stylist to many A- List Artists, and regularly travels all over the world working on location photoshoots. He also counts a number of international high-profile personalities as his regular clients.

So the big focus of todays conversation is Kevin’s story to how he has carved out a hugely successful career as a leading Hair and Make-up artist. And in this converstaion too, we get to the heart of how to develop and elevate your hair styling career, skills and artistry whether for session work, photoshoots or simply your everyday commercial work standing behind the salon chair. Kevin has much to cover, so make sure to take notes. Enjoy!!



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Thank you to Kevin Fortune for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.



Today’s Guest

Kevin Fortune is a highly-regarded Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist based in London. His work in the worlds of Music to Live Entertainment TV, fashion editorials and personal stylist to Many A- List Artists, has seen Kevin on shoots and locations all over the world.

Founded in 2013, the Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy in London’s West End has become a new vessel for Kevin to explore his artistic instincts further by sharing his wealth of experience with other artists in the industry and newcomers ready to kick-start a career in session-hair styling.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Kevin

  • 05 min 17 sec: What it means to be a celebrity hair and make up artist.
  • 08 min 19 sec: Academy specialiisng teaching the art of session styling hair.
  • 15 min 04 sec: Kevin’s early career that led him to where he is today.
  • 21 min 43 sec: Training in the art of session styling.
  • 28 min 01 sec: Making a living from being a full time session stylist.
  • 34 min 41 sec: Working on big events and celebrities.
  • 40 min 48 sec: Why limit yourself?
  • 42 min 54 sec: How Kevin found work as a session stylist.
  • 46 min 31 sec: Dealing with a difficult period by getting on with it.
  • 48 min 31 sec: The Kevin Fortune Academy and courses to help build your career.
  • 59 min 43 sec: Kevin’s big takeaway.


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