Today we’re joined by Francesca Rivetti, an award-winning hairstylist who hails from the UK but has made her mark in America.

Francesca’s journey is inspiring. From her early days immersed in hair design to pioneering roles with Graham Webb International and winning major awards like the NAHA Editorial award, Francesca has shaped a career marked by creativity, innovation, and educational advancement.

In today’s episode titled: Sharpen Your Skills: Francesca Rivetti’s Blueprint for Hairdressing Mastery, Francesca starts by unveiling her personal thoughts on  the current state of hairdressing education in the US, critically underscoring the deficit in deep, skill-based training that leads to true mastery. Francesca passionately advocates for a reset in haircutting education, focusing on classic fundamentals as the backbone of confidence and skill. She discusses the three pillars of hair cutting mastery: one length, layering, and graduation, and how mastery in these areas cultivates a confident and capable hairstylist.

Francesca shares, “Confidence breeds more confidence, like a seed that keeps growing and growing,” emphasising the significance of discipline, passion, and the right mindset. She expresses concern over the superficial quick fixes that social media proposes and stands firm on her belief that “Education is an investment, not an expense.”

Our discussion also navigates the unique and immersive experience of the Reset Academy in Italy, showing how Francesca merges creativity, culture, and education to elevate hairstyling into an art form. Francesca’s insights are a treasure trove for anyone in the hairdressing industry, from the aspiring stylist to the seasoned professional looking to rediscover their passion and refine their skills.

Francesca Rivetti is not just a stylist; she’s a visionary in the hairdressing field. Her dedication to propelling hair education shines through every accolade and initiative, making her story and insights a must-listen for anyone looking to grow in the industry.

Today’s Guest

Francesca Rivetti, originally from the UK and now residing in Philadelphia, PA, is a visionary hair artist running the unique Follicle hair studio. She’s celebrated for her eclectic talent in hairdressing, from classic to avant-garde styles, earning her prestigious industry accolades including the NAHA Editorial Award. Francesca thrives on sharing her knowledge through the RESET Academy, focusing on foundational haircuts to empower stylists. She believes fervently in education as a vital investment in achieving excellence.

Show notes:

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The State of Hairdressing Education in the US
  • The Essence of Reset in Haircutting
  • The Three Pillars of Hair Cutting Mastery
  • Building Confidence in Haircutting
  • The Early Passion for Hairdressing
  • The Influence of Social Media on the Hairdressing Industry
  • The Importance of Education in Hairdressing
  • The Unique Experience of the Reset Academy in Italy