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Todays guest Hadley Yates love for extensions started at a young age, watching his mother transform with the help of hair extensions. It was this passion for extensions that led Hadley and his husband to opening a London salon in Covent Garden specialising in them. So in this episode I’m curious to learn how did Hadley’s childhood fascination with hair extensions lead to building a successful salon business using Great Lengths hair extensions.

Opening the Hadley Yates Salon in September 2022, it has quickly grown into a team of seven who all share the same passions for hair extensions that aligns with the salon business values and work ethics.

In our conversation we hear how Great Lengths Elite stylist Hadley sees the versatility of using Great Lengths hair extensions has been instrumental in growing the salon business. Versatility like using them to create fullness, strengthening, correcting haircuts, and adding colour and texture. He loves experimenting with tonal shades and varied lengths to create an edgy, textured look.

Its this versatility thats built a thriving salon business that has attracted an impressive list of celebrity clients through word of mouth and social media. Hadley is to share why Great Lengths hair extensions longevity and sustainability make it a good choice for salon businesses, and how it has benefitted his salon business as a whole.

To salons worried about the costs involved in offering Great Lengths, Hadley advises viewing it as an investment. Ethical and sustainable practices are also important to him and his clients.

To emulate his success, Hadley’s advice is to focus on building relationships with clients and prioritising their needs. With patience and dedication, success can be achieved in the world of hair extensions.

He has some great advice for you if you too are looking to break into this world of hair extensions. Listen in!

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Thank you to Hadley Yates for joining me on todays podcast.

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Today’s Guest

Director of Hadley Yates salon in Covent Garden London, Hadley is a Great Lengths Elite stylist specialising in hair extensions. He began his career in Essex and later worked in leading London salon, Daniel Hersherson before going on to open with his husband their London salon in September 2022.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Hadley Yates

  • 04 min 16 sec: Background to the Hadley Yates Salon.
  • 05 min 11 sec: How Hadley’s mum hair extensions led him to his interest in doing hair extensions.
  • 02 min 10 sec: Why theres so much you can do with hair extensions.
  • 06 min 44 sec: Finding stylists who were aligned with the salons own values and work ethic?
  • 07 min 40 sec: What is the demand like for hair extensions.
  • 08 min 37 sec: Why the business is predominately hair extensions.
  • 09 min 41 sec: How much to charge
  • 10 min 28 sec: Why Great Lengths are more than just creating longer hair.
  • 12 min 34 sec: The ethical side of Great Lengths hair extensions.
  • 13 min 20 sec: How Hadley has built a large celebrity clientele and following.
  • 14 min 31 sec: Average week using Great Lengths.
  • 16 min 16 sec: Why Great lengths is a great fit for salons.
  • 17 min 40 sec: How offering Great Lengths as a service has benefitted the Hadley Yates Salon business as a whole.
  • 19 min 20 sec: The training and support you get from Great lengths, and why its a good investment.
  • 21 min 12 sec: What does it take to learn and use Great Lengths.
  • 24 min 26 sec: Advice to being a successful extensionist.
  • 26 min 15 sec: Starting the conversation with clients on hair extensions.
  • 28 min 57 sec: Hadley’s vision moving forward.




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