We all need to charge our worth. But lets be honest here, how many of you really are? This topic is to be the centrepiece of my conversation today with Maddi Cook of Boss Your Salon. Maddi is somebody I got to know over lockdown, and eversince I have become seriously impressed by. Because in getting to know Maddi, I’ve got to see how she is a mentor on a mission – teaching our industry how to stop winging it, and start thinking like business owners.

Maddi Cook has taught thousands of hair and beauty pros how to price for profit, and set boundaries to prevent the dreaded burnout. So they can create the businesses they daydreamed of when they first started out! So some of the stuff Maddi shares in this episode may run counter with what you hear a lot of the time. But I think you’ll find that when you really break down what she’s suggesting, it makes a ton of sense.

You’ll hear about Maddi’s origin story in hairdressing and the failures she went through that has led to become the salon business mentor she is today. She shares lots of insights she’s learned along the way, including how to charge properly, and why she believes we need to be setting and enforcing boundaries and policies all resulting in giving us all better lifestyles. She even shares her thoughts on a more proportional representation of women in the industry.

Maddi is full of so much of good advice, whether you’re a salon owner or independent hair professional. This episode is great listen for us all!

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Thank you to Maddi Cook for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.


Today’s Guest

Maddi Cook founder of Boss Your Salon helps empower hair & beauty Bosses to price perfectly, set boundaries & grow without burnout.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in today’s episode with Maddi Cook

  • 05 min 04 sec: Preparing for a rainy day.
  • 06 min 46 sec: Start thinking like business owners.
  • 07 min 24 sec: Stop thinking like people before you and being the going rate.
  • 12 min 23 sec: Background to Maddi.
  • 16 min 00 sec: Maddi’s terrifying and life changing experience.
  • 20 min 11 sec: Becoming a salon owner and the pitfalls Maddi experienced.
  • 24 min 00 sec: The moment to becoming a mentor/coach.
  • 34 min 35 sec: The real everyday hairdressers.
  • 36 min 15 sec: Why we are struggling to charge our worth.
  • 42 min 15 sec: Understanding your worth.
  • 45 min 37 sec: Pricing calculator app.
  • 49 min 05 sec: Not charging your worth can be devastating.
  • 51 min 31 sec: Setting and enforcing your boundaries.
  • 58 min 50 sec: Lack of leading females in the hair industry.
  • 01 hr 03 min 20 sec: Maddi’s big takeaway.



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