No one says it’s easy being a salon owner! That’s certainly one thing todays guest, Brooke Evans, would certainly agree with.

As a 26 year old hairdresser, Brooke is a new salon owner who is having to learn fast in dealing with circumstances way out of her own control so early on. Today, she shares how opening her brand new salon in December 2019, has been the toughest start to life as new salon owner. Faced with a two week salon closure in February 2020 – caused by localised flooding – and quickly followed by currently coping with one of the biggest asks she’ll ever have to experience. Temporarily shutting down her salon ‘again’ in the space of just 4 weeks, due to the Coronavirus global pandemic.

The year 2020 started off with a bang for Brooke. Opening her new salon, getting into the Fellowship fo British Hairdressing’s Fame Team as well as a year of exciting job and competition opportunities! But with the smooth came the rough in a very short space of time. Opening a salon in a conservation area came with a tough time from her local council planning department, January being the quietest month of the year, shutting down the salon for 2 weeks due to the flooding and then, Coronavirus!

Experiencing such challenges, you would expect someone so new to business to be sitting down and feeling sorry for themselves. Not Brooke! Taking such a positive outlook and approach to challenges way out of her control, she gives us all a valuable lesson on how to make the best out of the worst situations. Something all of us could do with right now. She’s here today to offer words of positivity given the current situation of the Coronavirus outbreak.

By the end of this podcast you’ll learn how you could turn what could be a dreadful experience into a positive one. Through lockdown, this could be your perfect time to open up your mind to self-development of creative learning and headspace. So lets get ready as we start our journey to preparing for when the green lights get switched back on.


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Special thanks to Brooke Evans for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye


Today’s Guest

Hairdresser, F.A.ME. Team 2020 member and salon owner of Brooke Evans Ironbridge, Brooke Evans opened the doors to her salon in December 2019 after spending the start of her hairdressing career at the amazing Tim Scott Wright at The Hair Surgery. Being part of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing mentoring teams, finalising in the British Hairdressing Awards and reaching success in many industry competitions, Brooke felt the right time to fly from what was the best nest she could have asked for. Becoming a new salon owner.




Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode

  • 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • 04 min 42 sec: Brooke’s approach to the current of the world.
  • 06 min 32 sec: Overview to Brooke Evans Ironbridge salon.
  • 10 min 31 sec: The early flooding problems to the newly opened Brooke Evans Ironbridge.
  • 16 min 01 min: The early signs to the seriousness of the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • 18 min 35 sec: Coping with a salon situation to the looming lockdown.
  • 33 min 33 sec: Positive things to come out of such bad.
  • 34 min 57 sec: Keeping creative with the lights off.
  • 37 min 36 sec: Where to find inspiration from.
  • 41 min 56 sec: Team encouraged to utilise the lockdown time wisely and having group chats.
  • 44 min 31 sec: Going to clients houses to do hair in lockdown.
  • 45 min 49 sec: Salons not profiteering whilst others are closed.
  • 46 min 58 sec: What excites Brooke when the lights comeback on.
  • 49 min 32 sec: FAME Team 2020.
  • 50 min 34 sec: Positive takeaway from these unprecedented times.
  • 52 min 00 sec: Dom’s Last 5 Questions.
  • 55 min 27 sec: Show outro.