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Sean Moore

My name is Sean Moore and I’m proud to be an educator at the MENSPIRE Academy. My experience teaching beginners started 6 years ago when I first qualified as a stylist. I jumped at the opportunity to build my experience in education by taking on the role of teaching apprentices in my salon. I think for any new stylist stepping onto the shop floor, the best way to ensure you do not start to pick up bad habits is by teaching the next flow coming through. This was a role I continued to do for the next 3 years and I am proud of the individuals that I worked closely with who have become great salon stylists. 

The next opportunity I was fortunate to have taken was working in an apprentice academy for a leading hairdressing company in Camden Town, teaching classes of up to 15 apprentices at a time. It was here that I learned the most about the structural and administrative set up of NVQ qualifications. MENSPIRE Academy in collaboration with the Men’s Hairdressing Federation we have been offering a City and Guilds NVQ 2 in Barbering to all beginner students. Something I love teaching.



Sean Moore demonstrating to students


Students are progressing good

So how far have our students come along since launching? Well I proud to say that the students are already showing great signs of progression. Days consist of live demonstrations from our educators, lectures, practical workshops and written exams. Units on fundamentals, sectioning, styling, layering and graduation have been covered. At this early stage students are showing they have a great understanding in the fundamental principles of men’s hairdressing. Under our guidance I’m excited to see the future is looking good for both them and the barbering industry.


Barbering courses

Student at the Menspire Academy


Picking the right Barbering Beginner courses

With so many Barbering Beginner courses on the market ,and rightly so, due to the flow of people choosing to step into the industry, it can often be difficult to know where to start in choosing the course right for you. Whether you are a school leaver or perhaps considering a career change, barbering is a great industry to be involved in for so many reasons. The relaxed working atmosphere and the hands on nature of the job can be very attractive.

Our MENSPIRE Academy has famously seen professional barbers travel from all corners of the globe to enhance their skill set and now we have a fantastic opportunity to teach the MENSPIRE curriculum that we believe so passionately in to brand new barbers coming into the industry.  Covering all aspects of modern day men’s hairdressing / barbering from layering, sectioning, graduation and styling to fading. For me this is a course that I am very excited to be leading, I find it incredibly rewarding to see how quickly we can develop students that have never picked up a pair of clippers. 


Barber training

Menspire Academy student watches on


Could barbering be right for you? If so, you can continue to watch the development of our students over the coming weeks on the @menspireacademy Instagram story and see if we could be the right fit for you.  If you have any questions about any of our courses please don’t hesitate to enquire HERE



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