Theres a new colour trend you and your clients need to know about! From high contrast shades of blonde to cool combinations of tonal browns to dreamy romantic pastels to optimistic, bright power pops, the season’s big trend is Colour Blocking.

In todays podcast we are exploring this new colour trend of Colour Blocking in collaboration with Wella Professionals. Joining me for this conversation is Wella Professionals UK & Ireland Colour and Trends ambassador, Jordanna Cobella, and Wella Account Manger, Hayley Austin.

The episode discusses the origins of the Colour Blocking trend and why now is the perfect time for the industry to embrace it. We are to delve deep into the technique of Colour Blocking, the shades to use, the techniques and tips and how to effectively communicate with clients about this trend.

Colour Blocking reflects a shift in people’s desire for individuality and a departure from the blended and balayage trends. Jordanna says, “The Colour Blocking trend is an evolution of the popular ‘money piece’ thats gradually got bolder and less blended. Unlike other colour trends in the last few years, Colour Blocking is super versatile and will be used to express individuality and identity.”

Colour Blocking is bringing excitement and creativity back to hair colourists and clients alike. It also offers many business opportunities that will keep your clients coming back regularly.

So lets go to it and explore the new big A/W 2023 colour trend, Colour Blocking.


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Thank you for Jordanna and Hayley for joining me on todays podcast in collaboration with Wella Professionals UKI

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.

Today’s Guest

Wella Professionals Account Manager

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays podcast with Jordanna Cobella and Hayley Austin

  • 0:00:00 Introduction to the How To Cut It podcast
  • 0:02:20 Introducing Hayley Austin and Jordana Cabella
  • 0:04:19 Introduction to the Trend: Colour Blocking
  • 0:13:08 Selling retail and trying new shades under Wella portfolio
  • 0:18:05 Introducing clients to new services and personalised looks
  • 0:22:20 Exploring colour options and building client confidence
  • 0:25:24 New Wella shades in Koleston Perfect and Shinefinity
  • 0:27:06 Wella shades: Creating Different Looks with the Colour Blocking trend
  • 0:29:46 Using Colour Blocking to Excite Clients and Prevent Boredom





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