For today episode we are joined by Hair Salons Business Expert and Chairman of the Hair & Barber Council, David Drew.

As a fully accredited qualified performance coach of substantial standing in UK hairdressing, David’s coaching philosophy is simple: He delivers up-beat service performance seminars and better-business courses designed to motivate & have all hairstylists & salon teams inspired fired-up and ready to return to their salons brimming with new knowledge and profitable growth success business plans.

In our conversation today, David is to share valuable insights on business growth, pricing, leadership, and building a positive culture in the salon industry. He emphasizes the importance of understanding numbers and utilising modern business tools to stay organised and in control.

David also discusses the significance of authenticity and embracing individuality in the salon industry. He encourages salon owners to reinvent their services and pricing to cater to different client needs and budgets. Additionally, David highlights the importance of financial accounts and seeking help from coaches to overcome obstacles and achieve success in the industry.

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Today’s Guest

Coaching Salons & Their Teams to Profitable Success. David Drew MC S.R.S.H: Hair Salons Business Expert, is a fully accredited qualified performance coach of substantial standing in UK hairdressing.

David is a fabulous motivator. Past Chairman (April 2012-April 2014) of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing. A master craftsman diploma awarded to him in 1992 by The Hair & Barber Council.

In April 2014 David was delighted to be elected to the main board committee of The Hair & Barber Council, he then became Chairman of the steering sub-committee advising The Hair & Barber Council on achieving mandatory Licence to Practice Hairdressing in the UK.
In 2023, David became the elected Chair for The Hair & Barber Council main management board committee.

David also felt very proud to be invited & then elected to become the President of The Hair & Beauty Charity-Helping Those in Need. (2015-2018)
Now a Past Charity President, he’s still passionate about helping those less fortunate within the hairdressing, barbering & beauty community.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with David Drew

  • 0:07:34 The Power of Teamwork and Belief in Collaboration
  • 0:10:30 Transitioning from Business Owner to Business Coach
  • 0:17:08 Thriving in the industry with passion and determination
  • 0:20:34 The struggle of salon owners and the importance of business acumen
  • 0:24:28 Pricing Woes: Race to the Bottom
  • 0:28:18 Value for Money: Perception and Portrayal
  • 0:30:50 Inefficient Marketing and Spending Habits
  • 0:33:31 Importance of Managing Business Finances Daily
  • 0:37:06 Discussing Potential VAT Threshold Reduction
  • 0:39:57 Balancing Inputs and Outputs in VAT Registration
  • 0:43:18 Importance of Organization and Leadership in Business Success
  • 0:49:10 Pricing per minute: The importance of knowing your value
  • 0:51:12 Mismanagement and discounting causing a race to the bottom
  • 0:53:55 The value of complimentary discovery calls for advice
  • 0:57:11 Importance of Balance Sheet and Net Worth
  • 0:59:26 Embracing Personal Style and Authenticity