If you have a desire to one day setting up your own hair product label then today’s episode is for you. I’m sitting down with Jez Barnett, the co-founder and Managing Director of KeraStraight and INNOluxe, two niche hair product brands that have gone global.

You’ll hear how a journey to creating the KeraSraight brand grew out of when Jez looked to find a solution to fixing a problem when it came to being supplied with a Keratin treatment for his hairdressing business. His success story along with his business partner John Hubbard demonstrates what you can achieve when you’re both focused and determined on achieving a final outcome: Inspiring stuff!

This episode is jam-packed with insights into what it really does take to manufacturing your own hair product range from scratch to production; let your journey begin!

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Today’s Guest

Jez trained at Clifford Stafford (Mayfair & Knightsbridge) London, before going on to work in Bermuda, then returning home to manage their family salon. In 2009 Jez launched KeraStraight followed by in pioneering Brazilian Keratin Protein Treatments with the launch of KS Complex in 2011. In 2015 Jez with his business partner john Hubbard launched the new company INNOluxe to repair the hair during the colouring process.


Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 3 min 06 sec: An overview on Jez and how he got into hairdressing
  • 8 min 49 sec: Working in Bermuda
  • 10 min 14 sec: Returning home to manage the family business
  • 11 min 48 sec: The origins behind the birth of KeraStraight
  • 15 min 53 sec: Launch of KeraStraight
  • 17 min 43 sec: Jez shares some of the things you need to know when creating your own product range
  • 23 min 28 sec: Working on the first KeraStraight industry adverts
  • 25 min 31 sec: The early days of the KeraStraight treatment
  • 29 min 15 sec: Spending less time working on the salon floor
  • 30 min 47 sec: The Global reach of KeraStraight
  • 35 min 20 sec: Why Jez is always looking to learn to make things even better
  • 38 min 28 sec: We learn about the Innoluxe brand
  • 42 min 52 sec: Innoluxe and KeraStraight Ambassadors
  • 44 min 32 sec: Health of hair
  • 46 min 28 sec: Advice to owning a product label
  • 48 min 40 sec: Where to find out more on KeraStaright and Innoluxe
  • 49 min 44 sec: Looking for the names in the hair industry
  • 50 min 46 sec: The future plans of KeraStraight and Innoluxe
  • 52 min 02 sec: Dom’s quick fire questions