If like me you’re not offering hair extensions as part of your hairdressing business, then we are all potentially missing out on some seriously good revenue opportunities. At worst we may even be loosing some of our most loyal customers to rival businesses who do offer hair extensions as part of their hairdressing services.

For some the image of doing hair extensions can seem daunting. Long service hours, choosing the right method of application, extensions damaging the hair, extensions falling out. Fear no more, because I’m joined by one of the most influential hair extensionists in the world, Michelle Griffin of Griffins Salons. Today she’ll be debunking all the myths, latest techniques and benefits to what you really need to know when it comes to offering quality hair extensions as part of your hairdressing services.

Michelle has trained and worked with hairpieces and wigs from the age of 16 years. After 30 years of working with added hair and running a salon, Michelle has now developed her own line of luxury hair extensions called LoxBox. LoxBox provides all methods of hair extensions, coupled with training courses, which are taught throughout the UK and Internationally.

Renowned for her passion and enthusiasm towards hair extensions, you’ll be confident to know that you’re going to be getting an audio masterclass on hair extensions from this multi-award winning hairdresser. You’ll learn everything you need to know on hair extensions from selecting the right method of application, how to book the correct appointment time, and a complete step by step guide to getting you set up in using hair extensions.

This episode is great if you’ve been sitting on the fence to whether or not you should be offering hair extensions as part of your business. I’m confident that after listening in to this brilliant conversation with Michelle you’ll be chomping at the bit to get going and maybe one day, becoming a hair extensions expert yourself. Now all you need to get going with your journey in hair extensions is hit that play button. Enjoy!

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Special thanks to Michelle Griffin for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

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Today’s Guest

Widely considered to be one of the most influential hair extensionists in the world. Multi Award-Winning Michelle Griffin continually pushes the boundaries for hair extensions, attachment methods and latest hair trends.

Michelle is renowned for her passion and enthusiasm towards hair extensions, with many accolades across the hairdressing industry, honouring Michelle with a highly respected and unquestioned reputation.

As a qualified lecturer for over ten years and internal verifier working with Habia and the awarding bodies, Michelle offers the highest quality of training courses. Michelle is also a Council Member with Distinction for The British Hairdressing Fellowship, working closely alongside other top UK hairdressers to retain excellence throughout the industry and creating education days for the Fellowship teams like Club Star Art Team.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode 

  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • >> 05 min 23 sec: Growing with hair extensions from it’s early beginnings
  • >> 08 min 50 sec: Background to Michelle
  • >> 13 min 11 sec: About Michelle’s hair extensions product and brand.
  • >> 17 min 11 sec: Amazing hair extensions brands and education right for you.
  • >> 20 min 52 sec: Using tapped weft hair extensions method.
  • >> 24 min 15 sec: Using hot bond, pre-bonded and micro bond hair extensions.
  • >> 27 min 15 sec: Hair extensions for those suffering with hair loss.
  • >> 29 min 02 sec: Are hair extensions regulated?
  • >> 31 min 33 sec: Becoming an expert in hair extension.
  • >> 33 min 03 sec: A complete step by step guide to salons getting started in using Loxbox hair extensions.
  • >> 42 min 59 sec: The aftercare of hair extensions.
  • >> 43 min 21 sec: Training pathway in hair extensions.
  • >> 45 min 26 sec: Adding hair extensions in photoshoot collections for the British Hairdressing Awards.
  • >> 46 min 42 sec: Colour staining on hair extensions.
  • >> 48 min 58 sec: Michelle’s takeaway tip on why you need to be offering hair extensions into your business.
  • >> 49 min 56 sec: Dates to Michelle’s UK workshop tour.
  • >> 52 min 37 sec: Last 5 Questions.




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