Ever since 1984 as a fourteen year old boy I’ve been attending Salon International yearly. With it’s buzzing atmosphere, educators on stages, seminars and exhibitors selling so many new and exciting products, it played a major part for me choosing a lifelong career in hairdressing. I’ll be for ever grateful to it! So for today’s podcast we took our pop-up studio backstage to the press room of Salon International 2019 and invited a selection of guests to join me to learn more on what the event meant to them for being there, too!

Dropping into the press room throughout Day 1 of the event, we had a brilliant array of industry guests to share some great conversations with us. First up we had the current Fellowship for British Hairdressing president, Ken Picton, closely followed by David and Alexis Thurston of Pulp Riot, owner of Tuckwell & Co, Simon Tuckwell, Chris Williams International Colour Director at Rush Hair, and Ceilia Matthews and Zoe Tanner of Concept Magazine.

Not only will todays podcast give you a true heads up on our guests experiences at Salon International, but you’ll also get lashings of their personal background stories and industry thoughts. I hope that their conversations will get you ramped up for hairdressing and attending future Salon Internationals –– just like me back in 1984. So what are we waiting for, let’s jump straight into it!


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Special thanks to all of our guests for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Today’s Guest

Salon International is a showcase for British hairdressing, and is one of Europe’s most prestigious events. It is the perfect place to meet distributors and salon groups as well as launch new products and raise brand awareness.

Over three days in October, Salon International celebrates the constantly evolving hairdressing industry with passionate professionals. From the world’s leading established brands to independent newcomers, the show brings together inspiring business and the most talemted creative teams.

Show notes:

Here’s the guests we’re in conversation with in today’s episode

  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • >> 03 min 48 sec: Ken Picton of Ken Picton Salon.
  • >> 12 min 54 sec: David and Alexis Thurston of Pulp Riot.
  • >> 23 min 26 sec: Simon Tuckwell of Tuckwell & Co.
  • >> 32 min 44 sec: Chris Williams of Rush Hair & Beauty.
  • >> 42 min 33 sec: Ceilia Matthews and Zoe Tanner of Concept Magazine.
  • >> 53 min 40 sec: Show outro.