What is your PR saying about you? In fact, let’s go even deeper than that question. Ask yourself, why do you need PR? These are two big questions we ask today’s guest, Katie Braden.

Katie is the PR for Sophia Hilton, Not Another Salon alongside leading hair brands. In our conversation she will be helping us to debunk the do’s and don’ts of PR in the new age of digital. Whether an individual or salon business, listening in on this episode will open your thinking to how you could unlock your full potential to PR and the audience your are looking to reach in 2021.

Digital or traditional press, Katie has your route to successful PR in the new age of digital covered right here in this podcast. Hit that play button to learn more.

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Thank you to Katie Braden for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.



Today’s Guest

Katie Braden is one of the UK’s leading and forward thinking PR’s for the hair and beauty industry. Katie’s clients include Sophia Hilton, Not Another Salon, KeraStraight, Innoluxe, Kevin Murphy, Silke London, Kohl Kreatives, Crazy Colour, Taylor Rose and Naf Stuff.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Katie

  • Start: Intro.
  • 04 min 47 sec: Intro to Katie.
  • 06 min 50 sec: What is PR and why does it matter ?
  • 16 min 11 sec: What you want from PR.
  • 17 min 36 sec; Digital or Traditional press.
  • 23 min 17 sec: Who is you pr message reaching, and for what.
  • 28 min 11 sec: Mix it up and being around critical thinkers.
  • 30 min 21 sec: What makes Sophia Hilton’s PR standout.
  • 31 min 54 sec: Being authentic and influential.
  • 39 min 11 sec: PR for TV, awards and consumers.
  • 48 min 26 sec: Read the room.
  • 49 min 11 sec: Dealing with bad PR.