Today I am in the company with one of the world most highly rated avant garde hairstylists of our generation, the multi-award winning, Emmanuel Esteban.

Without doubt Emmanuel ‘s creative thought process to how he creates his incredible hair work is something that I would like to learn about. Where does this creative spark come from! This is what we’re about to unlock in my conversation with him today.

After completing his training in hairdressing, Emmanuel moved from his native France to the UK so that he could further develop himself as a hair artist. That is something he has certainly achieved. With this continual wanting to improve and push himself to thinking-outside -the-box as a hair artist is what makes him tick. But why is all of this so important to him? What is Avant Garde and why does it matter? This is just some of the great stuff talked about today.

Getting deeper into understanding to how Emmanuel finds his unique creative spark is something that will be a fascinating listen to you all in this podcast. I hope it helps inspire you to finding your creative spark, too.

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Thank you to Emmanuel Esteban for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.



Today’s Guest

London based multi-award winning Emmanuel Esteban is regarded as one of the world most highly rated and pioneering avant garde hair artists of his generation. A hair hair artist who speaks with his hands – sees with his heart -touches with his thoughts -and- creates with spirit.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Emmanuel

  • 06 min 06: Learn who Emmanuel is.
  • 10 min 27 sec: From France to UK, why?
  • 16 min 55 sec: Working behind the chair.
  • 20 min 50 sec: Competition is not about the winning.
  • 22 min 10 sec: Why Emmauel lacked confidence.
  • 26 min 53 sec: What Emmanuel defines as Avant Garde.
  • 33 min 30 sec: Where does the spark for creativity come from.
  • 42 min 36 sec: Whats the end goal?
  • 46 min 42 sec: Dig deeper to find your creative spark.
  • 49 min 15 sec: Working with more than just hair.
  • 55 min 55 sec: Collective Projects.