The art of avant garde and Long Hair styling skills can bring out the best in your hairdressing creativity.

Today’s guest Anne Veck has certainly found her passion for this art and in doing so has seen her described as “One of the most iconic hairdressers in the world” by Hair magazine. If you want to explore a new side of hairdressing and how it can help you raise your industry profile, then Anne’s story will have you psyched on what you could achieve in the art of avant garde and long hair styling too.

Charismatic, motivating and creative, Anne’s journey form her native France to England, her pathway led her to open up Anne Veck salons in Oxfordshire. She is a leading advocate for ethical and sustainable business practice – something we learn more about in todays episode.

Anne’s real passion is sharing her skills and creativity with her peers. She educates and presents at shows, academies and salons throughout the world. Best known for her avant garde and long hair styling, this has seen her create stunning award winning photo collections, leading her to many award winning successes such as Alternative Hair Visionary Award 2004, AIPP Best Photo 2016, British Hairdressing Awards Southern Hairdresser of the Year 2016, AIPP Best Photo 2016 to name just a few…

As Anne says on avant garde hairdressing “It takes you outside your comfort zone, and it forces you to solve problems”. I like that thinking! Problem solving keeps you challenged and moving forward with new ideas. If you need to challenge yourself with something new then avant garde and long hair styling could be perfect for you. Time to hit play!


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Special thanks to Anne Veck for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Today’s Guest

Charismatic, motivating and creative, Anne Veck has been described as “One of the most iconic hairdressers in the world” by Hair magazine. She is Artistic Director for Anne Veck salons in Oxfordshire and Creative Brand Ambassador for Revlon Professional UK and Ireland. 

She is a leading advocate for ethical and sustainable business practice. She personally designed and refitted her new eco salon in Bicester, Oxfordshire in 2018.  Anne Veck Limited is certified Carbon Neutral and is a Living Wage Employer. Winner of the Salon Business Green Salon award in 2017 and 2019, National Hairdressers’ Federation Most Environmentally Friendly Business 2017.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in today’s conversation with Anne 4 min 53

  • 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • 05 min 24 sec: The Anne Veck salon.
  • 07 min 46 sec: Being an eco-friendly and living wage hair.
  • 13 min 01 sec: The hairdresser Anne Veck and her early story.
  • 30 min 10 sec: Why Avant Garde can be commercial.
  • 31 min 41 sec: Why Avant Garde is important to hairdressing.
  • 35 min 28 sec: Having a dedicated space for your creative work.
  • 39 min 35 sec: Why the basics of dressing hair is crucial to doing great Avant Garde work.
  • 41 min 38 sec: Opening Anne’s salon.
  • 47 min 08 sec: Becoming the high profile industry hairdresser, Anne Veck.
  • 51 min 58 sec: Why winning at the British Hairdressing Awards awards left Anne feeling deflated and short of confidence.
  • 58 min 55 sec: Why lockdown has been really positive for Anne.
  • 01 hr 01 min 47 sec: Anne’s top takeaway tip.
  • 01 hr 05 min 40 sec: Dom’s Last 5 Questions.
  • 01 hr 07 min 42 sec: Show outro.



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