As we fast approach our 200th episode it’s made me stop and reflect on how I’ve I got to where I am are today with How To Cut It. Today I’ll be sharing this with you.

From recording our very first episode back in March 2017 followed by my interview with Tom Connell, I seriously could have never anticipated the journey I was about to embark on back then. Speaking and hosting at shows across Europe, an exclusive partnership deal with Wella Professionals, a rapidly growing community and now producing creative content for leading names are just a small sample to some of the brilliant things I’m now experiencing. And all became possible through the power of podcasting.

From an everyday hairdresser working behind the chair 5 days a week in my boutique rural salon, the pathways that has opened up to me has been staggering. With all of this has seen my hairdressing career become more dynamic and varied. I love it, and you too can add this variation and success to your hairdressing career.

Today I’ll be sharing how by discovering your uniqueness could pivot you in ways that you never knew was possible. Take a listen to hear how it’s happened for me, and how it can happen for you too, but only if you are prepared to work hard for it.



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Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.




Today’s Guest

Dom Lehane is the creator and host of the How To Cut It podcast, and is regarded as an influential thinker in the digital media landscape for the hair industry.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode

  • 05 min 00 sec:The early How To Cut It podcast.
  • 07 min 00 sec: Find your uniqueness.
  • 11 min 00 sec: Anything is possible.
  • 15 min 50 sec: The Hair Show.
  • 17 min 15 min: Hairy Media Productions.
  • 19 min 00 min Build your career currency.
  • 22 min 40 min: Write down the goals you want to achieve.


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