On todays show we are speaking to some of the founding members of the Salon Employers Association (SEA). Created to ensure fairness and parity across all models in the hairdressing & beauty sector, will be learning the SEA aims and ideas to protecting and preserving the future of the industry.

The SEA founding members joining me for this conversation are Co-Founder at The Chapel, Toby Dicker, Director at Alan d Hairdressing Education, Edward Hemmings and CEO at Hershesons, Luke Hersheson. We talk about some really big topics, including why the SEA is campaigning for salons with bricks and mortar premises working and employing PAYE staff and training future employees within the sector.

We also talk about how the SEA feels our industry is poorly represented, with nobody campaigning directly for salons that pay the most tax and contribute to the future of our sector. I’m keen to do a little probing here as many say our industry is served by many other associations, but regardless SEA is doing fantastic work. So fantastic the SEA currently has 953 salons signed up, representing 10,458 employees.

This honest and frank conversation with Toby, Edward and Luke will leave us with a better uderstanding of the SEA mission – a coalition of like minded salon business owners fighting for parity and the future of salons and those trained within them. It’s a long journey to getting the recognition our industry truly deserves, but after listening to this episode today, it’ll be a journey that you will want to be part of, too!




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Thank you to Toby, Edward and Luke for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next time, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.






Today’s Guest

Toby Dicker

Co-Founder of The Chapel

Edward Hemmings

Director at Alan d Hairdressing Education

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Toby, Edward and Luke

  • 04 min 41 sec: Update on save Our Salons.
  • 07 min 17 sec: The most penalised sector.
  • 10 min 15 sec: Why Booth rental could means training will slowly declines.
  • 13 min 56 sec: Why salons businesses needs representation.
  • 21 min 20 sec: Why the industry should have a VAT reduction?
  • 26 min 01 sec: List of objectives of the Salon Owners Association.
  • 29 min 31 sec: Taking on apprenticeships.
  • 30 min 50 sec: Low margin business.
  • 33 min 24 sec: Staff is our stock.
  • 36 min 27 sec: Wanting our voices heard.
  • 39 min 02 min: Why our industry has gone up in importance.
  • 41 min 41 sec: An association that represents salon businesses.
  • 47 min 53 sec: T Level qualifications.
  • 51 min 49 sec: Stronger together.


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