In this episode, we explore how you can make the most of every client who sits in your chair. Did you know that only 41% of clients say they feel like they get a consultation from their hairdresser? I personally find this staggering! Surely giving a consultation to each of our clients should be a giver when it comes to the professional service we each provide. And it’s worth noting that by giving great consultations they will spend up to 35% more on products and services!

So today, in collaboration with Wella Professionals, that’s what we will be discussing! I’m to be joined by award-winning hairdresser and Wella Professionals UK&I Top Artist, Christel Barron Hough of Stil London. Christel will be sharing with us how she gives her clients an amazing experience in the salon and how this has helped her grow a her brand. She talks through how to assess someone’s suitability and identity and then link this their perfect color formula & technique.

Be sure to stick around for this conversation. We will be exploring with Christel how using the 3 step Consultation can help grow your business, increase the frequency of your client’s salon visits and improve the loyalty of your customers. All leading to increasing your salon revenue. It’s pure gold!



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Thank you to Christel Barron Hough for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.



Today’s Guest

Award-winning colour specialist salon, STIL means ‘style’ in Swedish, something which it’s driving creative force, Christel Barron-Hough oozes in spades. This, combined with her artistic flair and technical know-how, makes her one of the most refreshingly modern and achingly cool colourists in the UK today.

Creative projects span shooting brand campaign imagery, research and development for new product launches and colour trend forecasting – all on a global scale – as well as creating colour on the catwalk at Fashion Week in London, Milan and New York for shows including Mark Fast, Sophia Webster and Manish Arora.

Polished and personable, Christel’s breadth of technique and mastery of the full colour spectrum is awe-inspiring. From muted tonal colour palettes and pretty pastels to bold brights, she is particularly renowned for creating the most beautiful, expensive-looking blondes and effortless, envy-inducing hair for her loyal and discerning clientele that includes actors, musicians, creatives and a well-heeled crowd of fashion and beauty insiders.


Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Christel

  • 03 min 58 sec: Why consultations are so important.
  • 07 min 58 sec: What makes a good consultation.
  • 13 min 27 sec: Working out the service you will be providing through 3 steps.
  • 17 min 14 sec: Create the wow factor in your consultation for client loyalty.
  • 20 min 37 sec: Important to develop and grow yourself through the Wella platforms.
  • 22 min 05 sec: How to deal with clients that do want a consultation.
  • 23 min 46 sec: How to best advise your clients on new services and products.
  • 26 min 55 sec: Change of clients services in a Post Covid world.
  • 29 min 59 sec: Why a consistent wow factor consultation will help grow your business.
  • 33 min 11 sec: Tips to getting clients to rebook.
  • 34 min 55 sec: The importance of retail after care for clients.
  • 39 min 28 sec: Take the fear factor out of consultations.
  • 40 min 07 sec: Christel’s big takeaway tips for a great consultation.



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