Brought to you by Wella Professionals, today’s podcast special is one of the most critical ones we’ve brought you in our 4 year history.  But why such a statement?

Like never before the beauty industry has been challenged over the course of the last 12 months with COVID-19 pandemic. SPAs, Beauty treatments and salons closing weeks after weeks when we all know how important these can be for clients as a great escape for wellbeing and mental health. With the beauty industry contributing £28.4 bn total to the UK GDP in 2018, the beauty industry economic impact cannot be ignored any more!

Together with Wella Professionals we want to empower everyone to support the Save Our Salons course by raising awareness where we can.  To help us with this serous and much needed topic, I’m joined by an illustrious panel of speakers. They include Luke Hersheson, CEO of Hersheson, Hellen Ward Co-founder of Richard Ward Hair and Beauty Metro Spa, Sonia Haria Beauty Director of the Telegraph and owner Director of Hairven Group, Collette Osbourne.

Covering the devastating effects COVID-19 is having on our industry, how together we can make a difference, and explaining why as an industry we are pushing for a VAT reduction, our panel will leave no stone unturned to this hard hitting podcast. Both ourselves and Wella want to support this very serious topic as it touches the majority of people, from professionals in the industry to all our clients. This is about us all being together as hair professionals, brands, guest artists, influencers, and clients to come together to make the change that is needed.

After listening to this episode make sure to sign the petition, as we need you as a industry professionals to stand united with others to amplify the voice.

Let’s all act now by signing this petition HERE. Together, Let’s stand united!




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Thank you to todays panel Sonia Haria, Luke Hersheson, Hellen Ward and Collette Osbourne for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.


Today’s Guest


Sonia is the beauty director of the Telegraph, covering beauty news and features across the paper, online and magazines.

Hellen Ward

Co-founder of Richard Ward Hair & Metro Spa, Hellen has enjoyed a rich and varied career in salon management.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover with the panel in todays episode

  • 00 min 00 sec: Intro.
  • 03 min 36 sec: How the VAT cut matters to everyone in the hair industry.
  • 08 min 59 sec: Stats to the devastation the pandemic is having on the hair and beauty industry.
  • 12 min 22 sec: Having one voice for the industry.
  • 16 min 07 sec: The survival of our industry.
  • 19 min 26 sec: Perceptions of the hair and beauty industry and what can we change.
  • 26 min 51 sec: Phase 2 plan to Save Our Salons campaign.
  • 29 min 53 min sec: How can the media play a massive part.
  • 33 min 08 sec: Getting the message to your community.
  • 35 min 21 sec: NHBF report.
  • 37 min 52 sec: Who’s the voice to the media.
  • 42 min 35 sec: Help available from Hair and Beauty Charity.
  • 46 min 52 sec: A future to be excited by.
  • 50 min 35 sec: How realistic to get the VAT cut in the budget.
  • 52 min 30 sec: The footfall we bring to the high street.
  • 55 min 59 sec: 6 steps to act, learn how.
  • 57 min 23 sec: Final conclusion.