In today episode we’re joined by Adam Thomas, the innovative founder behind salonspy.

In our conversation we’re to discover the critical role of client reviews in the salon industry and uncover why they are more than just feedback—they are the cornerstone for building trust and driving business growth. According to Qualtrics, 96% of consumers read a review before purchasing – with 86% of those consumers specifically seeking out reviews with responses.

With over 2000 salons currently using salonspy the easy-to-love (and even easier to use) review software, salonspy takes real-time insights from client feedback and provides the insight needed to help grow your business and enhance the customer experience.

Adam is to walks us through how salonspy, a verified review platform, is revolutionising review management by integrating directly with salon software systems. This allows for the automatic collection of genuine reviews, making the process seamless for salon owners.

Adam also delves into salonspy’s journey since 2012, shedding light on the challenges faced and the evolution of their offerings to enhance user experiences with features like review moderation and Google review integration.

If you’re looking to leverage positive reviews to gain a competitive edge, attract more customers, and improve your services based on client feedback, this episode is laden with insights.

By the end of our chat, you will appreciate how vital reviews are in building a reputable online presence and how salonspy is a valuable partner in this journey. Plus, Adam has a listeners—a one-month free trial of salonspy to see firsthand how it can enhance your salon business.

Tune in to learn from Adam Thomas why nurturing client reviews is not just necessary but essential in scaling your salon business and staying ahead in the digital age.

Today’s Guest

Adam Thomas is the visionary Founder and CEO of Salon Spy, a platform that has transformed the landscape of online reviews for the salon industry.

With roots deeply embedded in the world of hairdressing, Adam’s journey into the industry began with field sales roles for premier hair brands. It was during this period that he identified a significant gap in the market—credible and easily accessible online reviews for salons.

Recognising the pivotal role that genuine reviews play in building trust and credibility for businesses, Adam set out to fill this void. His initiative led to the creation of Salon Spy, a verified review platform dedicated to helping salons enhance their digital presence and connect with clients in a more meaningful way. Through his leadership, Adam continues to drive innovations that empower salon owners to harness the power of reviews to grow their businesses.

Show notes:

  • 5:48 Importance of Different Review Platforms
  • 6:46 Maximising SEO Impact
  • 11:46 Importance of Recent Reviews
  • 12:26 Cost and Benefits of salonspy
  • 16:33 Utilising AI for Review Responses
  • 19:07 Client Engagement through Review Responses
  • 25:07 Handling Negative Feedback
  • 26:06 Building Community through Reviews
  • 29:44 Overcoming Google Review Hurdles
  • 30:44 Onboarding Process and Free Trial
  • 47:21 Creating salonspy: From Idea to Reality
  • 51:46 Future Plans and Upcoming Launch in Australia