Right this second people are searching out keywords to help them find the answers to their current hair problems. So how cool is it that they could be discovering your salon business by landing on one of your videos, helping them to fix that problem they are currently searching for.

This is exactly why your salon business should have a YouTube Channel. The potential to having this could far outweigh the rewards you’re currently getting from all the energy you’re putting into Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. And let me tell you, It doesn’t need to be paid advertising to get your salon business videos in front of the right people.

Helping us with all of this is todays guest, Adrian Salisbury. I’m sure this isn’t a name you’re going to be familiar with. But let me tell you he is one of the best when it comes to teaching entrepreneurs in recording incredible videos and getting them out there to the audience that matters to your business. I was fortunate enough to come across Adrian back at the start of the first lockdown in March 2020, when I wanted to learn more on getting the most out of creating video production content and live streaming. Since then he has become one of the most influential people to me.

I’m truly grateful for everything I have learned from him, and that’s why I’m stoked to have Adrian joining me today. He is going to be sharing some of his YouTube Academy with us. It is brilliant stuff! This will includes knowing what videos your perspective clients are searching for, tips to building out your channel and creating killer content on YouTube that will bring in new clients to your salon business.

If you’re serious about owning your space online for your salon business then get looking to the second biggest search engine after Google. YouTube!

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Thank you to Adrian Salisbury for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.




Today’s Guest

Adrian salisbury’s goal is first to create a hunger for video by demonstrating the power that it offers any entrepreneur. And then to convince them not to settle for amateur looking iPhone recordings but start creating videos that will make THEM look like ROCKSTARS, feel more confident, increase their sales and ultimately give them the life they desire!

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Adrian Salisbury

  • 00 min 00 sec: Intro.
  • 06 min 57 sec: Getting to know Adrian.
  • 09 min 59 sec: YouTube Academy.
  • 13 min 28 sec: Being prepared and show up.
  • 14 min 39 sec: Be your authentic self in front of the camera.
  • 15 min 57 sec: Why salon businesses needs to be on YouTube, and why?
  • 21 min 55 sec: Why aren’t more salon business on YouTube?
  • 23 min 57 sec: How you could use Shorts on YouTube.
  • 26 min 35 sec: How you can use YouTube for you salon business.
  • 29 min 10 sec: Get your video content from what your clients want.
  • 32 min 00 sec: Find your niche on YouTube and own that space.
  • 34 min 05 sec: Building a YouTube channel.
  • 40 min 54 sec: Big fails on YouTube.
  • 43 min 30 sec: Getting the right titles.
  • 44 min 57 sec: How YouTube rates your videos.
  • 47 min 01 sec: How to best brainstorm video ideas.
  • 49 min 28 sec: Creating a Bumper video, or maybe not.
  • 52 min 30 sec: Interaction matters.
  • 54 min 45 sec: Preparing your content.




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