If your hair salon website has been neglected in recent years, then this podcast episode is for you. Thats because we are talking why having an active, functional and well designed website with great SEO will greatly improve your websites Google search rankings. All resulting in growing you hairdressing business and attracting new team members. I’m sure none of you wouldn’t want to turn that down…Right?

To help us understand creating a successful hair salon website and more, I’m joined by digital marketing expert for the hair and beauty industry, Kate Woods, of Kor Digital and Salondipity.

Kate sure know her stuff when it comes to what makes a great hair salon website. Having such an expert on creating websites and social ads, I’m really keen for us to learn from Kate on what makes a site functional, understanding how SEO best works, who we should be talking to with our content and how to move our website up the Google rankings.

There’s some big takeaways from todays episode. The sort of stuff that really will put you ahead of your competitors. And there’s not one bit talk on how to cut and colour hair. This is a pure digital masterclass which is going to be so valuable to all of you that are looking for your hairdressing business to standing out and getting noticed on a local level.

So if you’re serious about having a great hairdressing business, then you need to be serious about why you should have a great hair salon website to match it. This one with Kate I loved and I know you will too. Press play.

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Thank you to Kate Woods for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.


Today’s Guest

Kate Woods is a digital marketing expert for the hair and beauty industry. Kate has worked in the digital space since 2001 and became online editor of HJ in 2007. Since 2013, she has been running KOR Digital, which provides done-for-you digital marketing services to help hair and beauty businesses get more clients, more often. She is also owner of Salondipity, the home of marketing training and advice exclusively for salons.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in todays episode with Kate Woods

  • 03 min 55 sec: Intro to Kates early background at HJ and Sky Sports.
  • 08 min 33 sec: Why you need to look further than social media for your salon business.
  • 11 min 28 sec: What makes for a great website.
  • 13 min 13 sec: How Google ranks your website.
  • 16 min 15 sec: Understanding SEO and why this really matters.
  • 19 min 49 sec: Get the content and images right for your website.
  • 26 min 25 sec: Get your copy writing right.
  • 27 min 31 sec: Think about the people you are speaking to.
  • 33 min 41 sec: Using social media signals.
  • 34 min 40 sec: Google business listings and reviews.
  • 38 min 11 sec: Why Google is your priority.
  • 39 min 43 sec: Email marketing.



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Kor Digital
Salondipity – Free resources such as an ideal client avatar. There is also content you can buy and customise.
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Page Insights – The tool to track site speed
Fiverr – Great for people for small projects (check the reviews!)
Upwork – Great for sourcing online professionals (again reviews, budget and your needs matter!)
Google My Business – for managing your business profile
Facebook Business Manager – To run successful ads campaigns (step away from the boost button!)
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