To be a successful hair professional, it’s important that you have skill sets that sits across all hair types. Including textured hair. Unfortunately for many of us, when its comes to understanding both the technique and science of textured hair, theres still much needed room for improvement. But fear not! We’re about to start changing that for you today.

In this episode I’m joined by the hairdresser often respectfully referred to as being the all-knowing “authority of textured hair and its business”, Jacqui McIntosh.

When Jacqui talks about hair she means business. A globally renowned salon Hairstylist, International Educator, Texture Management Specialist, Qualified teacher, Assessor, Internal Verifier, Award Winning Educator and Trichologist. She was recently celebrated as an industry pioneer for British Afro hairdressing, for black history month 2020. And with skill sets that sits across all hair types, we’re in the company of a true expert when it comes to understanding the science of textured hair.

Having Jacqui coming on the show today, I have so much to ask her on understanding the science of textured hair. Number 1, as hairdressers why do we struggle to truly embrace the science of textured hair, what benefits can it have on our clients, industry careers and businesses. All will be revealed later.

Going deeper into the podcast I also ask, why are we saying textured not curly hair? And why Jacqui believes not everyone has to do textured hair?

This is a brilliant and captivating conversation. You’ll get so much from what Jacqui shares! Let’s go to it, Howtocutter’s!



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Thank you to Jacqui McIntosh for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next time Howtocutter’s, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.

Today’s Guest

International Educator, Specialist in Texture Management, Business Mentor & Coach, Certified Trichologist and European Director of Education for Avlon, Jacqui McIntosh has skill sets that sits across all hair types.

Jacqui has received more than her share of industry accolades but remains focused on what seriously keeps her motivated in this ever-changing hair industry, believing in continual education and striving to stay at the forefront of her field with her knowledge of new products and services available of which she insists on being an integral part of.

She has not only influenced the hair industry across Europe but also generations of hairdressers across the globe. Her impressive and amazing career spans three decades, Jacqui McIntosh may just be the hardest working hairstylist, product developer, and educator in the hair industry. 

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Jacqui McIntosh

  • 03 min 58 sec: Why hairdressing was the career for Jacqui.
  • 06 min 13 sec: Having an understanding of what textured hair is.
  • 08 min 57 sec: Being involved in product research and development for hair manufacturer.
  • 14 min 39 sec: Understanding the business of hairdressing.
  • 18 min 13 sec: You must have an understanding of all hair types.
  • 22 min 40 sec: Is it textured not curly hair?
  • 26 min 59 sec: Stop dumbing down rhetoric of being the hairdresser.
  • 28 min 28 sec: Why you need to understand the science of hair.
  • 34 min 23 sec: Why working with manufacturers makes us stronger.
  • 37 min 46 sec: Giving respect and changing the language to the science of hair.
  • 29 min 14 sec: It’s not to late to learn the science of textured and curly hair.
  • 52 min 23 sec: Not everyone has to do textured hair.
  • 58 min 45 sec: No excuses to getting bored in hairdressing.
  • 01 hr 03 min 31 sec: Leading the afro project for the fellowship.
  • 01 hr 06 min 02 sec: Jacqui’s one more thing we really need to take away from todays podcast.




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