You think you’re not good enough! Is this what’s holding you back from doing something new? If that rings true for you, then we have similar traits.

Back in 2014 my love for podcasts began. It was listening to these podcasts that put the seed of thought into me head on producing my very own podcast? Craziness, I can’t do this! Fear and self-doubt was to hold me back from creating a podcast. I’m not good enough! I don’t have the right skills… blah blah blah!

It took me another three years of researching that finally give me the confidence to pluck up the courage and launch the podcast show that you hear today.

On March 18th 2017 the How To Cut It in the Hairdressing Industry podcast was recorded and published. It’s fair to say it’s proably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thats why we must fight our way through them fears thats holding us back from change. A change that could light up your life and help you reach them dream goals of yours.

Today, I’ll share that story that finally led me to no longer holding back on something that was way outside my comfort zone. I will also reveal how the forthcoming launch of a new project has returned them same old fears of mine. I’m again asking myself, “Am I good enough”!?

If your struggling with them same fears thats holding you back in your hairdressing and barbering career, listen in on this episode. You are going to hear how the soon to launch PLATFORM from How To Cut It is going to help you ‘grow beyond’ in your hairdressing and barbering careers.

Howtocutter’s, let’s go to it!



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Today’s Guest

Dom Lehane is the founder and host of the How To Cut It podcast, and is regarded as an influential thinker within the digital media landscape for the hair industry.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Dom Lehane

  • 00 min 41 sec: 6 years of the How To Cut It podcast.
  • 01 min 50 sec: Holding myself back to launching the podcast.
  • 04 min 31 sec: Take off for the podcast.
  • 06 min 00 sec: The opportunities that hosting the podcast has given.
  • 06 min 49 sec: A new chapter, PLATFORM gets set to launch.
  • 08 min 15 sec: Giving you the new opportunities to grow beyond in the hair industry.
  • 10 min 11 sec: Don’t hold yourself back in the hair industry.
  • 11 min 36 sec: Register your spot to join PLATFORM from HOWTOCUT IT.






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