YAY! Many of you regular listeners will know that todays show is the 50th episode of the How To Cut It Podcast . So to celebrate this landmark occasion I’ve got something different for you. I’m literally handing my hosts chair and microphone over to hair educator and good industry friend of mine James Atkinson to interview, me, Dom Lehane!

Creative Director at North Laine Hair Co, Brighton, I got to know James when he became a pioneer performer of HairClubLive’s #OpenChairNight.  A big fan of the podcast show, James got in touch to say how he’d like to interview myself – giving you the HTCI community the opportunity to learn more on me, my story so far with How To Cut It & HairClubLive, and what I’m aiming to achieve for the brands in the future. How could I refuse this big compliment.

In this episode you’re going to get a true insight into my world of How To Cut It & HairClubLive, and my tips on how you could stage your very own branded hair events.

I hope you love listening to it as much as I loved be interviewed by James, as I talk openly and candidly on my past, current, and future. Be sure to hit that play button! You’ll be pleased that you did!!

Thanks for Listening!

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Special thanks to todays host James Atkinson for interviewing me. Until next time!

Today’s Guest

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 4 min 45 sec: Dom’s journey so far
  • 6 min 25 sec: The origins of HairClubLive
  • 13 sec 34 sec: Putting on your own hair events
  • 15 min 23 sec: Dom’s preconceived thoughts of the original #OpenChairNight
  • 18 min 19 sec: Being part of an #OpenChairNight
  • 20 min 43 sec: A performers perspective of performing at an #OpenChairNight
  • 22 min 41 sec: The future of HairClubLive & #OpenChairNight
  • 24 min 52 sec: Competition side of HairClubLive
  • 27 min 03 sec: Regional events of #OpenChairNight
  • 29 min 34 sec: Still working on the floor
  • 31 min 40 sec: Where did Dom’s interest for journalism come from
  • 34 min 24 sec: How to did Dom get the podcast off the ground
  • 37 min 24 sec: Dom’s first love of interviewing
  • 39 min 15 sec: How Dom decides on his How To Cut It guests
  • 41 min 48 sec: Why Dom enjoys interviewing guests
  • 42 min 42 sec: Vision for How To Cut It
  • 44 min 40 sec: What drives Dom to do what he does
  • 46 min 46 sec: Whats Dom’s end game
  • 48 min 28 sec: James’s Quick Fire Questions