These days the popularity of being a mens hairdresser is huge. There are fewer industries in the UK that have grown to the same extent as barbering. This means you’ve to be seriously talented and equipped with all the right technical skills in mens hair fashion work to rise above the competition in this barber explosion era. That’s why I’m excited to have on the show today leading mens hair specialist, Charlie Cullen, to share his invaluable advice on how you can smash it in mens hair fashion work.

With no signs of the male grooming market slowing down, there is a cultural shift beginning to take place in mens hair. Fashion guys are beginning to outgrow their hair again and they will be expecting us all to deliver them the looks they desire. For the bloodline of the barbering industry to stay cool and relevant to these fashionistas, it’s critical that it adapts to their demands. We are going to learn on how to do all of this from Charlie, so that we are all technically prepared for this trend shift in mens hair that is evolving fast. If not, we could get left behind!

We are spoilt in having on the podcast someone of Charlie’s standing within the industry. A men’s hair specialist and International Educator who is famed for his longer hair work. As the former International Artistic Director and Head of Mens Education for Toni & Guy, he has worked backstage at various Fashion Weeks for the last 12 seasons – regularly heading up teams at London Fashion Week Mens – you get the sense of standing Charlie has in mens hair fashion work.

One of the big takeaways from Charlie today is no matter what direction mens hair fashions takes, you will need to be competent in all forms of mens hair cutting and styling.  From messy or military, to cuts that favour texture and grunge-style long hair, the barber landscape is changing. Now tune in and get buzzed on getting ahead in mens hair fashion work. Enjoy it, I certainly did!

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Special thanks to Charlie Cullen for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Today’s Guest

Charlie Cullen is a men’s hair specialist and International Educator. The former International Artistic Director and Head of Mens Education for Toni & Guy, was also a finalist for the prestigious British Hairdressing Awards in the Mens Specialist category in 2018.

Charlie has worked backstage at various Fashion Weeks for the last 12 seasons and has been a head of team at London Fashion Week Mens where he liaises with designers to come up with hairstyles to complement their collection.

His previous role at Toni & Guy was the Heads of the Mens education where he rans a 3 day mens contemporary cutting course and he also developed a brand new beginners barbering course.

Charlie currently freelancing as a international educator and is an art director at the soho based barbershop Joe and Co and The Lounge Soho.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode 

  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • >> 06 min 25 sec: Charlie’s take on being a mens hair specialist.
  • >> 07 min 53 sec: Moving away from Toni and Guy.
  • >> 10 min 44 sec: Charlie’s early career in hairdressing.
  • >> 15 min 32 sec: Working on mens longer hair.
  • >> 19 min 11 sec: The experience of working backstage in Mens Fashion Weeks.
  • >> 21 min 33 sec: Continually learning from new people.
  • >> 24 min 06 sec: Advice in doing mens session world.
  • >> 26 min 24 sec: Charlie’s role with the Joe Mills brand.
  • >> 28 min 43 sec: Creating a strong mens fashion identity.
  • >> 30 min 01 sec: Charlie setting up mens hair courses.
  • >> 36 min 53 sec: Setting a higher price level for your mens hair work.
  • >> 38 min 59 sec: Working in a more cultural and diverse city.
  • >> 39 min 16 sec: Charlie’s top tip to get ahead in mens fashion hair work.
  • >> 41 min 44 sec: Heads up on posted Instagram work of Charlie’s haircuts.
  • >> 44 min 22 sec: How to attend Charlie’s courses and events.
  • >> 48 min 29 sec: Charlie’s Last 5 Questions.
  • >> 53 min 21 sec: Show outro.