Has hairdressing been something you’ve always wanted to do? For todays guest Christel Barron-Hough (Lundqvist) founder and creative director of STIL, this is always what she has wanted to do since being a young girl growing up in Sweden.

If you’re looking for a reminder on why you wanted to be a hairdresser then this conversation will be the perfect listen. It will make you reconnect with the endless opportunities a hairdressing career can give you. You’ll hear Christel share her inspiring story of how she moved from her native Sweden to London as a teenager in 1999 and learn how she has grasped every opportunity since!

With an ambition of wanting to have an outstanding and successful career in hairdressing, by jiminy, Christel has certainly done just that. Having an innate sense of style, creative flair and technical skill, she has emerged as one of the industry’s most influential colour experts.

Winning numerous awards including the prestigious British Hairdressing Awards British Colour Technician of the Year Award, three times, Christel has also worked as a brand ambassador for international product houses including Wella Professionals and now, at TIGI, as Global Creative Technical Director for the last four years.

What comes over heaps in this conversation today is Christel’s love for everything she does in hairdressing and her salon business. Adopting her nordic aesthetic and style to both her hairdressing and business has helped Christel create an identity thats the cornerstone of everything she does. I love this and how she’s always surrounded herself with inspirational people. Interviewing Christel today has made me look back to why I originally fell in love with hairdressing, and I know it will do the same for you today. Let’s dive in!


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Special thanks to Christel Barron Hough for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye


Today’s Guest

Christel Barron-Hough (Lundqvist), Founder And Creative Director Of STIL

Since arriving in London from her native Sweden in 1999, Christel’sinnate sense of style, creative flair and technical skill has seen her emerge as one of the industry’s most influential hair colour experts.

Her knowledge of trends, combined with an artistzan eye for colour has seen Christel work with high profile names including Ellie Goulding and Pixie Lott, whilst her work has featured on TV and in publications such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour, InStyle and more.


Show notes:

Heres some of we cover in today’s episode with Christel

  • 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • 05 min 57 sec: Background to Christel
  • 11 min 44 sec: Experiences of moving to London.
  • 15 min 14 sec: Grateful for a diverse hairdressing career leading to specialising in colour.
  • 18 min 17 sec: Entering into awards and raising industry profile.
  • 20 min 15 sec: Brand aesthetics of Still Salon.
  • 27 min 00 sec: Career pathways and lifestyle in hairdressing.
  • 31 min 47 sec: Global Creative Director roles.
  • 35 min 34 sec: Surround yourself with inspirational people.
  • 37 min 16 sec: Being a female within the hair industry.
  • 40 min 58 sec: Choosing the right lifestyle.
  • 43 min 00 sec: Using the lockdown on finding creative headspace.
  • 45 min 21 sec: Whats the future looking like for Christel and Stil.
  • 48 min 48 sec: Hairdressing Awards.
  • 50 min 23 sec: The legacy to be left by Christel.
  • 51 min 29 sec: Nordic design.
  • 53 min 02 sec: The recruitment of Stil.
  • 56 min 27 sec: Dom’s Last 5 Questions.
  • 01 hr 00 min 02 sec: Show Outro.