Fight for what you love. Thats what we get to hear all about in todays podcast with Darrel Starkey.

A hairdresser based in a small village in the UK, Darrel has gone about creating so much noise around him as he strives to his dream of becoming an award winning hairdresser. But why does this all matter?  Is it about proving to himself, his family or his own self-being? Well this is what this episode is going deep to understanding, as we find out who this hairdresser tipped by many as a rising star is all about.

By listening into Darrel’s conversation today will help you consider your why. You know, that ‘why’ that craves both awards and industry recognition – the ambitious stuff many of you dream of. Its a motivational listen from someone very similar to you. Somone who fighting for what they love.

Stay locked in, there’s so many lessons that could be relevant to you.


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Thank you to Darrel Starkey for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.




Today’s Guest

Having began his hairdressing career little over 5 years ago, Darrel Starkey is a rising start within the hairdressing industry and has amassed a great deal of respect and admiration for his commitment and passion towards the craft.

Darrel has since grown as a stylist within his own right and has finalised for the British Hairdressing Awards, AIPP Awards, Salon Awards as well as being a part of the Fellowship Project Colour 2020 team – a fantastic achievement. Darrel is also the founder of The Great British Hair Bid and is an Educator within his own right.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in todays episode with Darrel

  • 01 min 30 sec: Why being a star in hairdressing matters to Darrel
  • 03 min18 sec: Background to Darrel and his salon business.
  • 04 min 29 sec: Why remote locations doesn’t hold you back.
  • 05 min 21 sec: The rebel not following rules and feeling unwanted.
  • 10 min 14 sec: Speaking to parents on his sexuality as a gay man.
  • 11 min 47 sec: Fear of rejection.
  • 17 min 48 sec: Dark times.
  • 23 min 57 sec: Business going Bankrupt.
  • 24 min 59 sec: Darrel’s son, business and relationship.
  • 34 min 20 sec: Being a cheap service.
  • 39 min 50 sec: Coming away from the business and working with brands.</>
  • 43min 30 sec: Stop trying to hard.
  • 45 min 10 sed: Darrel’s rebranding.
  • 47 min 34 sec: Going throw divorce.
  • 50 min 52 sec: The highs Darrel is now achieving.
  • 53 min 03 sec: Instagram lives.
  • 57 min 00 sec: Daniel Granger in Darrel’s life.
  • 01hr 00 min 28 sec: Be open to critique and going forward.