In a pandemic year that most of us have never or ever want to experience again, I  want you to ask yourself: how has your hairdressing business adapted to these very difficult times? Joining me to answer this big question is current British Hairdresser of the Year and Wella Professionals UK and Ireland Technical Director, Robert Eaton.

In the first of our monthly ‘How To Cut It with Wella Professionals‘ partnered podcast series, we’re going to be learning how Robert’s city salon businesses, Russell Eaton Hair, have been tackling tough times by adapting to their clients changes and demands. Offering many gold nugget tips and advice on how your hairdressing business can adapt, Robert is to walk us through how with COVID-19 and reduced footfall into cities, Russell Eaton Hair have continued to operate successfully.

And in these changing times that has seen a growing trend towards clients embracing their natural hair texture and colour too, I’m curious to learn from Robert today on how his businesses are also dealing with this change, by offering Wella Professionals new grey blending services. From the versatile Wella products Robert is using to help with this change, he will also be sharing the techniques around this exciting new services.

With so much on offer in this podcast with Robert, I’m confident after listening to it, it will play a key part in helping drive forward your business in these challenging times. Offering a fresh new approach that reflects your clients changes and demands in 2020/21, this episode with Robert in partnership with Wella Professionals is a must listen. Lets dive in!




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Thank you to Robert Eaton for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.


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Today’s Guest

British Hairdresser of the Year 2019, Robert Eaton is a multi-award winning stylist and the Creative Director at Russell Eaton salons in Leeds and Barnsley. Robert is widely known within the industry as a true colour expert and has extensive knowledge in a wide area of hair and styling, as well as being a fully qualified trichologist – making him one of the most in-demand hairdressers in the region.

Robert is the UK and Ireland Technical Director of leading global colour house, Wella Professionals, and is frequently travelling the globe educating in all things colour. He’s also a member of the elite Wella Professionals Colour Creatives, which means he’s often called upon to develop new ranges and techniques.

In addition, Robert is the European Brand Ambassador for electrical hair styling brand, Hot Tools. His role sees him leading the brand creatively whilst working on new product concepts – a position he is immensely proud of.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Robert 

  • 04 min 33 sec: Being British Hairdresser of the Year in a COVID pandemic.
  • 07 min 24 sec: City centre salons changing footfall.
  • 09 min 32 sec: Making salon space safe for clients and staff.
  • 13 min 29 sec: What changes could we see to a pos COVID-19 salon business.
  • 15 min 33 sec: What positive experiences could we take away from the COVI-19 experience.
  • 17 min 58 sec: Robert’s top tips and advice through the current tough times right now.
  • 19 min 54 sec: The changing hair trends shift during the pandemic.
  • 21 min 49 sec: Grey Blending services.
  • 23 min 09 sec: Bring Grey Blending Services to life with visuals.
  • 29 min 37 sec: Using the correct client language to communicating colour services.
  • 34 min 53 sec: Techniques to gaining colour blending service clients.
  • 39 min 09 sec: How to update you colour skill set.
  • 41 min 28 sec: Taking clients on a colour journey.
  • 45 min 15 sec: Booking more quality colour service time.
  • 49 min 17 sec: How important retail business is.
  • 52 min 40 sec: Robert’s favourite blending technique a colours.
  • 55 min 57 sec: Robert’s big takeaway tip.