Little did James Atkinson know that when he first started out with his ‘The Life Of Hair’ YouTube channel was how successful it was going to become.

Now with 65.3K subscribers and counting, The Life Of Hair is officially Europes No.1 Hairdresser on YouTube. BOOM! So I’m curious to learn how James has gone about about achieving this. It’s to make prime cut listening for all of you wanting to break in to or simply struggling to find success on YouTube; the second biggest search engine after Google.

This interview you’re about to hear with James is Part 2 of ‘How To Become a Successful YouTube Hairdresser‘, originally recorded back in Lockdown July 2020 exclusively for our Patreon premium ‘Xtra Show’ podcast. As we now come up to celebrating our first birthday of our HTCI Patreon members site, I wanted to unlock today one episode of these Premium podcasts so that you can all get to hear the mega gold nuggets of information that we hold back for our Patreon members only every week. Step up James Atkinson.

With it’s complex algorithms, tagging, titles and SEO, YouTube is a complicated game that you need to understand on how to play it, if you want to find success on it. For lots of us the many hours  of investment spent creating these videos leaves us feeling both frustrated and disappointed when we see the limited views and engagement our posted videos get. It’s little wonder then why so many of us simply give up on creating content for YouTube. But I shoutout this loud, “DON’T GIVE UP JUST YET”. As I already said James is Europes No.1 hairdresser on YouTube and he is about to reveal some of his experiences that have helped him to go on and find success on YouTube. I promise what he is about to share will get us all rethinking our YouTube strategy. It’s that good!

*WARNING* If you’re not on YouTube then you might be seriously missing out. Hit Play!



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Thank you to James Atkinson for joining me on todays podcast.

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Today’s Guest

James is also an Art Director, and a Redken Certified Colourist where his love of passing on his knowledge was a major influence in James being selected to become a Redken Artist. This has given him the opportunity to create courses as well as be an educator across Europe.

With a great interest in design, science and videography James draws on these passions for creative inspiration in his work.

Having been a stylist and colourist for over 16 years he has worked at several of London’s leading salons throughout his early career.

Now living a quieter life in Brighton (on the south coast of England) he run his own educational business and full time salon stylist. James’s passion for cutting and colouring really shows in his work and his giftedness in teaching online. Even with a very busy work schedule he still has the energy to be a dad to 3 young boys.

Show notes:

  • 04 min 24 sec: Find your niche on YouTube.
  • 08 min 05 sec: Are we giving too much away as an industry?
  • 11 min 48 sec: How James has Monetised being on YouTube.
  • 18 min 54 sec: James on growing his YouTube channel.
  • 20 min 13 sec: Playing the algorithms by getting videos recommended on YouTube.
  • 22 min 54 sec: How to title your videos and tagging.
  • 25 min 41 sec: Understanding the SEO for your videos.
  • 31 min 01 sec: James’s biggest advice to building your YouTube channel.
  • 32 min 51 sec: Leading world hairdressers on YouTube.
  • 34 min 20 sec: Know where and who your audience are.
  • 37 min 35 sec: Where is you online journey too.
  • 39 min 28 sec: James’s legacy.