Today,  I’m going to give you something a little different. Because you’re not going to hear from a hairdresser or barber, but from a business entrepreneur who has created one of the fastest growing brands in the beauty industry, Danny Gray of War Paint for Men. He’s going to take us right back to why being bullied for his appearance as young kid led him to creating and designing War Paint for Men; a make-up brand specifically for the male audience.

I get so many of my influences from outside of the hair industry. So by bringing more future guests onto the HTCI podcast that are away from the world of hair, I’m keen for you to learn of their first-hand experiences from within their own industry sector. Thats what we are to get in this conversation with Danny today, as he will be sharing some seriously cool stuff that will translate perfectly to all of you that are looking for an entrepreneurial journey – no matter where or what that is.

I cannot wait to get behind the story of Danny with you all. How did he create a global brand success with War Paint for Men? Let’s find out!

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Thank you to Danny Gray for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.




Today’s Guest

Danny Gray designed WAR PAINT specifically for the male audience with the main aim for him, to change the thinking about men’s makeup. As a young kid Danny was bullied because of his appearance which really affected him. The moment those bullies came up to him, changed his life forever. He started obsessing about the way he looked, so much so, that he now has a form of body dysmorphia. When he was 15 years old and he started getting spots as most people do, so he went to his sister and used her concealer, and it changed his life forever.

He couldn’t believe the power of products and what they can do. But he couldn’t find a brand that related to him or that he felt he could shop with confidence, so he created one.

Show notes:

  • 00 min 00 sec: Intro.
  • 05 min 39 sec: Why being bullied for his appearance led Danny to War Paint for Men.
  • 08 min 37 sec: Negative press to the early launch of War Paint for Men.
  • 11 min 29 sec: The explosion of the male grooming market becoming the norm.
  • 13 min 33 sec: The big changing point in Danny’s life.
  • 15 min 39 sec: Find your inner story, believe in what you are doing, and stay true.
  • 18 min 17 sec: Danny before War Paint for Men.
  • 20 min 21 sec: Launching the War Paint for Men brand.
  • 24 min 21 sec: Being able to let go of the full control of the business.
  • 27 min 29 sec: Selling is easy if you believe in it.
  • 31 min 34 sec: The launch of JAAQ.


Viist the War Paint for Men website HERE
@warpaintformen on Instagram
Danny Gray on LinkedIn
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