What is branding and why does it matter to your business? Your branding is your salon’s first impression to your audience and potential clients. Your salon’s personality should shine through every part of your branding making it clear to your audience who you are and what you stand for.

This is just some of the neat stuff we will be diving into today, as I’m joined by branding expert for the health and wellness sector, Ollie Johns of Zero-Sugar Branding.

Responsible for the branding behind some of the biggest names in the hair industry, I first got connected with Ollie after a previous episode with, Ben Lifton, who gave a shoutout to Ollie as the go-to branding guru. Always a subject I love to cover, I just had to bring Ollie onto todays show so we can learn all things when it comes to creating your branding identity.

If it’s time for your business to get branded (or rebranded), then this podcast is the prefect listen for you.

This weeks Xtra Show we have some big gold nuggets from Ollie on branding your business. Listen in HERE



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Thank you to Ollie Johns for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.




Today’s Guest

Ollie Johns is the co-founder of Zero-Sugar Branding, a branding a web design company specialising in the Health and Wellbeing sector.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Ollie Johns

  • 06 min 55 sec: Zero Sugar and the business.
  • 08 min 55 sec: What is branding.
  • 09 min 47 sec: Understanding who is your ideal market.
  • 10 min 45 sec: Why you need a professional to create your branding.
  • 11 min 29 sec: How being a graffiti artist led Ollie to branding and Zero Sugar.
  • 14 min 18 sec: What is poor brand identity?
  • 15 min 00 sec: Why good branding design should be subtle?
  • 16 min 05 sec: Good examples of well designed branding.
  • 19 min 00 sec: What is clipart?
  • 20 min 38 sec: Tips to creating your brand.
  • 24 min 35 sec: Never to late to rebrand.
  • 28 min 00 sec: Doing your own branding.