In this episode we delve into the world of PR with special guests Sharon Brigden and Laura Craik from SLBPR. In this episode, Sharon and Laura are here to debunk common misconceptions surrounding PR in the hair industry and provide valuable insights to help you navigate the PR landscape.

One of the key takeaways from their conversation is the importance of building a strong reputation and authentic connections in the hair industry.

They stress the need to tailor PR strategies based on individual needs, whether that’s targeting trade professionals, consumers, or both. They explain that PR is about more than just endorsements and ambassadorships; it’s about forming genuine relationships and making a lasting impression.

The episode wraps up with key takeaways, including the importance of pursuing opportunities even if there’s limited traction and visibility. They stress that active participation and input from clients are crucial for successful PR partnerships. They also provide tips on entering awards on a budget, such as collaborating with photography students and choosing awards that align with your vision and criteria.

So if you’re looking to boost your profile in the hair industry and gain valuable insights into the world of PR, be sure to tune in to this episode of the How To Cut It podcast with Sharon Brigden and Laura Craik from SLBPR.

Today’s Guest

Sharon Brigden and Laura Craik of SLBPR have extensive experience in the hair and beauty industry, helping hairdressers maximise their PR efforts to attract new clients, enhance their brand awareness, and ultimately grow their businesses. 

Show notes:

  • Introduction to the concept of PR and its relevance to hairdressers
  • Misconceptions about PR and its role in brand building
  • The role of PR in building up a profile for potential agency representation
  • Embracing disruption and innovation in PR clients selection
  • Misunderstanding the Role of PR
  • Importance of Proper Contracts for Protection and Savings
  • Challenges of PR in the digital age
  • Goals and strategies for effective PR
  • Establishing Clear Goals and End Game Planning
  • Uncertainty in Knowing What People Want
  • Different Goals, Different Prices
  • Increasing Press Coverage for Hairdressers
  • Working with Driven and Inspiring Hair Professionals
  • Awards for Young Hairdressers
  • Being Honest with Clients and PR Story Selection
  • Networking at Events and Building Relationships
  • Tips for entering awards and working with limited budgets.
  • Resources